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PipeFlare is one of the top "REAL" play-to-earn websites. There are a lot of websites and games that say they are play-to-earn but end up being pay-to-play. I have tried multiple sites and apps that promise they will pay you to play but I have only come across a couple of real sites that pay you to play. There are only a select few that I have actually found to be rewarding. PipeFlareRollercoin, and Womplay. These three play-to-earn sites have been the most rewarding I have come across. This article will be focused on PipeFlare but if you are interested in learning about Rollercoin and Womplay check out a previous article I wrote titled "Play To Earn - Reviews and Thoughts".

What is PipeFlare

PipeFlare is a play-to-earn crypto gaming platform powered by the Flare Token. PipeFlare was created in 2020 and is growing fast. Play games, collect free tokens from their crypto faucet, claim airdrops, compete in weekly leaderboards, and earn rewards with their referral program. You can also buy and sell limited NFTs on the industry's best NFT marketplace.

PipeFlare not only allows you to play games and earn their token called Flare but you can also use PipeFlares daily faucets and earn ZEC, MATIC, and Flare.


You will not earn a ton of money from the PipeFlare faucet, but it does add up over time. Every week you claim your faucets for the whole week you will be able to do a spin-the-wheel lottery game and you can win up to $5. This is awesome. I have not won the $5 yet but I have won $0.10, $0.25, and $0.50 which is awesome. This ends up allowing you to earn a couple of dollars every month just from claiming the faucets. Depending on your luck of course. Sometimes you will earn less from your spins and sometimes you will earn more. So just by using the faucets, you will be able to earn a decent amount every month.

How to start earning on PipeFlare

Create PipeFlare Account. This is easy and can be done in a matter of minutes. You can sign up using Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Apple. If you are not comfortable using any of those then you can sign up just using your email. Also after signing up I suggest creating a MetaMask wallet. You will need this to transfer your FLR tokens and exchange them. You can also stake your 1FLR which I suggest but when you're ready to withdraw you will already have your wallet created and connected. If you do not know how to set one up then I suggest going to the faucet area on PipeFlare and going through the walk-through they provide.

Claim From PipeFlare's Crypto Faucet

PipeFlare allows you to claim FREE ZEC, MATIC, and 1FLR daily. You can set a reminder or you can do what I do and make it a routine every night. It is easy to forget so a reminder might be your best option. The more you claim the higher the amount gets and once a week you can spin a wheel and have a chance to win a good amount. Every time I spin the wheel I win at least $0.05 but usually it is around $0.10 to $0.30.

Play Your First Game

PipeFlare has plenty of games to choose from. The more you play the higher you get on the leaderboard which will allow you to win the most depending on where you are on the leaderboard at the end of each play period.


There are multiple games that you can play. There are 11 at the moment and they keep adding more. These games are not your normal cheap online games. They are fun to play and stand out from other play-to-earn websites. Check out my video at the beginning of this article to see a walkthrough of these games and how easy and fun they are to play.

Check Your Airdrop Eligibility Status

PipeFlare has multiple airdrops every month. Earn free crypto by becoming eligible.

There are some Airdrops that are available for everyone and depend on how many games you play and how much 1FLR you have in your in-game wallet but there are other bigger Airdrops that are only available to supporters of the website. Like if you buy a monthly subscription. Or if you are a holder of one of their Pyro NFTs.


Check Out PipeFlare's NFT Marketplace

PipeFlare has tons of utility NFTs that unlock extra rewards. Check them out. There are a bunch of different NFTs you can invest in. There are ones where you can earn extra FLR, ones where you can earn extra eggs which are worth FLR, ones that give you more hearts for games, referral NFTs that give you paying referrals, and so on. They have a wide variety and some are worth more than others. I have not invested in any of the NFTs so I am not sure if they are worth it but I have paid for the Casual supporter yearly subscription which I think ended up being $18 for the year. I like to invest in the projects I believe in but it is hard to invest a lot, especially when you have everything tied into other projects. Anything is better than nothing though.


Start Earning Commissions

Get a free spin up to $5 for each friend you refer.

This is a great way to earn a little extra. The more you spread the word the more chances you have to win $5 from each spin.

Faucet Commissions: When your Tier 1-Tier 4 referrals claim from the ZEC faucet, you will earn a portion of their claims. Referral Tiers explained in the picture below.

Game Commissions: When a user you refer earns tokens by playing PipeFlare games, you will earn a portion of their earnings.

Store Commissions: When a user you refer purchases from PipeFlare's referral​ store, you will earn a portion of their sale.

Membership Commissions: When a user you refer purchases​ a subscription, you will earn a portion of their sale.

NFT Commissions: When a user you refer purchases an NFT from PipeFlare's Marketplace, you will earn a portion of their sale.

Staking Commissions: When a user you refer stakes their 1FLR Tokens, you will earn a percentage of their interest earned.

Pyro Mystery Egg Commissions: When a user you refer earns a Pyro Mystery Egg playing PipeFlare games, you will also receive a Mystery Egg. These Mystery Eggs can be redeemed for prizes like 1FLR Tokens, Referrals, NFTs and so much more.


Frequently Asked Questions



PipeFlare is a play-to-earn crypto gaming website powered by the Flare Token. You can play games, collect free cryptocurrency from their PipeFlare faucets, participate in airdrops, compete in weekly leaderboards, and earn rewards with their referral program. You can also buy and sell limited-mint NFTs on their decentralized marketplace.


PipeFlare is the most reputable P2E and gaming site in the industry. They are backed by some of the largest investors in the blockchain space including DCG and Horizen Labs. They publish all of our transactions to the public.

I have come to find out that there are only a couple of legit play-to-earn websites and this is one of the best if not the best out there. I have made a decent amount from this site and I only use it every once in a while. I try to spread my time throughout all of the sites I use to make the most out of all of them but there is never enough time in the day to give each one the amount of time they deserve. I tend to spend more time on PipeFlare though because the games are fun and you are competing against other Pipeflare players to get the highest ranking on the leaderboard so you can earn the most which makes it that much better.


Registering an account on PipeFlare is easy and free. Simply hit the Register button in the header of the page and follow the simple prompts.

There are multiple ways you can register as I stated earlier in this article. If you do not feel comfortable using your Google or other accounts then just use an email. I made an email using Skiff just for my earning sites and Crypto sites. I suggest checking it out. It is a great email service that keeps your security in mind and is run on Blockchain technology. Check it out and let me know what you think. ProtonMail is another great email service.


PipeFlare has the top NFT marketplace in the industry. You can buy, sell, and trade NFTs related to gaming, leaderboards, referrals, faucets, and more. We also issued our limited mint Pyro NFT which gives you exclusive fun perks like staking bonuses and a 4th mystery crypto faucet.

I have not used PipeFlares NFT marketplace personally but I think the more I use the website I will invest my earnings into some of their NFTs.


PipeFlare tokens, known as Flare Tokens (1FLR), power the gaming ecosystem. They also use the Polygon Network to power their NFT Marketplace and soon their Metaverse products.

PipeFlare has been growing over the years and it sounds to me like they are planning on making products for the Metaverse. Not sure how this will work but I am excited to see the outcome. PipeFlare has only been around for 2 years and has been growing fast.

If you decide to check out PipeFlare let me know in the comments. If you already use PipeFlare leave a comment and let me know what you think.

I hope you enjoyed this article and thanks for taking the time to check it out. Like and follow for more content and to help my page grow. Leave a comment saying hi.

Check out my website if you are interested in seeing more projects I support and much more!

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