New to Crypto? This app gives you $25 (no gimmicks) to start with!

By MRDOWJONES | Beginners user guide | 23 Apr 2022

      Some of us are crypto veterans, with pretty impressive account balances. Then there’s people like me, who trade on heavy margin and end up blowing my entire account from the dreaded ~margin call~


    And those people (me), more than likely need to take inventory. Things like realizing watching charts for hours on end isn’t particularly healthy. That if you aren’t profiting with your strategy it’s probably not the smartest idea to add margin to the mix and magnify those losses. What I’m doing, and what I’d recommend, Is taking a step back and playing it safe/simple for a bit. 



     Admittedly, I’ve been trying to take advantage of all the Crypto promotions (legit ones at least).


     But what I’m really excited about is this app called Voyager. In a nutshell here are the it’s services:


  • Pi schart breakdown of your portfolio on the Home Screen



  • Acts as a general wallet, holding more than 100 crypto assets




  • You can buy and sell easily, as shown below. Oh, did I mention they even offer limit orders? Not just lame market orders like a LOT of brokers? 





  • Lastly, the promotion they’re currently running allows users to enter an invite code upon sign up - that’s the only way you’ll be able to get your $25 bonus. But it HAS to be during sign up. As far as the $100 deposit comment - I signed up and used someone’s code and it still gave me my $25 bonus. So I’d say just ignore it. 


  • Keep in mind the app does require credentials as they are technically a financial institution (bank) since they offer debit cards.

  • They use Plaid if you decide to deposit USD from your bank, if you aren’t familiar - Plaid is meant to be the safer version of relaying financial information. 
    I’m playing around with it an loving it. Thinking I’m going to use it as my “treasury fund” where I buy certain amounts of certain crypto I have a good feeling about. I’ve got a really good feeling about it, hopefully you will too.


And please, use my code provided. Remember if you don’t use an invite code your balance will start at $0. If you use a code you’ll start with $25, and be able to trade immediately.

Here’s the link for the signup:

Use code BB70F1EE8 or this link to claim your BTC:

Happy HODLING my friends!!!

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Genuinely speaking I’ve learned better when I’m teaching, rather than just being taught something. Maybe it’s the repetitiveness or ensuring i understand the concepts but hope you guys enjoy what I’ve got, more importantly what’s coming 😌🥵😈

Beginners user guide
Beginners user guide

This blog will include posts of mine that help navigate users who are new to the market. It also will function as just an informative style that will include user guides, hints, tips, etc to the projects that i've gotten involved with.

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