What people dont tell us idiots about upland. (5 Steps for every beginner and a couple questions to the experienced uplanders)

By Antonym007 | beginner steps | 24 Feb 2021

I know you guys are super smart and all the posts on upland are from smart people to smart people.

But i want to make it short and simple. This is my upland plan as a beginner with a rudimentary understanding of crypto.

1. Use the referall link from PublishOx to get 6k Upx

2. Just swipe around the areas where buildings are cheap until you find one in a slightly dark vanilla marked "FSA" and klick on it.

3. If you can afford to buy it, do it. (Probably will be 500 Upx)

3.2. This is the point people either didnt explain or hid in a wall of text i was too lazy to read. How do you even get there? You cant move your explorer!

The trick is "sending". You can send your explorer 10 times for free to any owned building you select.

So you just click on a building next to the FSA building you want to buy and send your explorer there.

4. Repeat swiping and buying!

5. You´re out of money and you realized how little you are going to collect in "rent" on your properties?  Get free money from the collections! There are easy "achievements" you can fulfill in your collection. I got to 9500 Upx in a day just because i had three buildings next to each other. So i got to cash in 4 different collections!

6. I have no freaking idea! This is where i wait. I´m tired of looking for properties and am unlikeley to fulfill collections with those few i can find and afford. So my whole plan is just to check in every day until i the daily reward pushes me to Upland status.


Whats next?

As always i want to make sure to remind the readers about my stupidity. I am very open for critique and advice. Is there anything else i could do?

I am definetely to proud to beg for visitors on discord. I did raise the visitors fee on all my property in case someone randomly decides to visit them, though.


Future Upland?

Another question to my readers. What the hell am i supposed to do once i´m an uplander? I like trading and selling so it probably will be fun for a while, but this is a very slow moving game. What is there to do in the future? Does this make game make me money in the longrun?

Will cashing out be 1:1 the current buying rate (So 6 $ = 6k Upx) ?




By now i worked my way up to a comfortable citicen!

I´m at 42k UPX right now without investing a single of my own dollar.

Just use the collections and flip your FSA-properties!

Wanna try it yourself?

I would ,if you would use my referall link:

Klick here, to try Upland for yourself!


New to publish0x and interested in crypto? I would appreciate, if you would use my referall link :)

Klick here to earn Crypto with Publish0x

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beginner steps
beginner steps

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