My week in Crypto - Now with Upland Estimated Value

By Antonym007 | beginner steps | 13 Apr 2021


This week was decent. It feels l ike I didn't move up as high, because I found it tougher to find interesting posts in LeoFinance and Hive.Blog so I didn't have as many lucrative posts. I feel like I made up for it, once i found out how great of a place PoB is, but that will only show in next weeks report.


I found out how to trade on KuCoin and Coinbase without losing half the value in conversion fees. So i finally got to dabble a bit in Cryptotrading. I don't regret moving into ENJ and OXT. ENJ has a bright future in the rising cryptogaming industry, while Orchid supports anonymity with its app. I like coins that have something real behind them. A tangible value. Right after my investment ENJ startet falling. I timed it perfectly at the hill, but it's all about the longterm, so I dont feel bad about that.


I think I made a fair estimate about my Value in Upland. It was even pessimistic. You can't sell on Upland right now, so I won't count it to the total, but others CAN trade in $ over there. And those people will pay about 3.80$ (As I write this, 4.20$ is the cheapest even) for the smallest property. That same property goes for about 4,500 UPX on Upland. So I made the caclulations assuming my Networth in Upland would be liquidated in the same way. It would be more interesting to consider my 49 properties and multiply them with 3.80$ , but that would be even harder to liquidate. Most of those properties are from FSA-Sales. Meaning you get a better deal as a beginner, but you can only sell two per week. So it would take me about 25 weeks to sell off all those properties. Be it 180$ or 60$. It feels good to have played a game with minimum effort and realize it is worth actual money now.

**NFTs :**

**Gods Unchained (Not counting duplicates) :**

Minted 3 - Common 3

Unminted 287 -

Legendary: 7 -

Epic: 18 -

Rare 59 -

Common 203


Properties 49

Networth 75,661 UPX

Upland Estimated Value: 66.59$ (Not going into the total)


**Nano** 0.144199 ( 0.81$)

**Banano** 162.91 (2.04$)

**ETH** 0.006518 (14.75$)

**ADA** 16.65 (23.3$)

**ENJ ** 2.56 (7.9$)

**OXT** 11.97 (9.45$)

**iFARM** 0.0104 (2.5$)

**AMPL** 0.46 (0.46$)

**Hive (Value)** 6.11$

**Leo (Value)** 3.89$

**Proof of Brain (Value)** 3.93$

**BAT** 1.25 ( 1.84$)

**PRE** 35.76 (3.72$)

**Total in USD: 80.7$ ( +11.9$)**



In the end I feel fine with my result. Obviously I invested a lot of time for little actual money, but I am doing the work right now to reap the benefits later. This is not about the money. I could have worked one hour overtime and I would have made more this week than this. But it was worth it, because I keep learning new things about crypto. Currently I am mostly excited about the proof of brain community and the hive engine. I am still in the beginning of my journey and I'm happy to share it with you guys.

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beginner steps
beginner steps

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