158,741% "Gainz" - Look Ma, I made a Graph

By Nevsie | Beginner in Crypto | 30 Apr 2021

Every day, I login to Publish0x and read and tip a few articles... Every day I see someone screaming how well they have done, how much they have earned, and the strategy behind their success for a billion percent "GAINZ". So... In my world, I am shit at crypto, I have no tactics or skills, I invested zero money, I knew nothing. Simply put, I jumped on a bandwagon, grabbed some free and easy "Earn and Learn" crypto, and that is it. Nothing more, nothing less... 

So in tribute to my inability, and to poke a little fun at others, myself included:

"Look Ma, I made a graph"

158741% Gains


As mentioned above, I have no skill, just time and luck.
But I cannot complain!

Thanks, for not reading! And wasting your time!!!

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Interests in crypto are sparked from my curiosity to learn all things new. As a web developer, I love new concepts, toys, methods, and tools. The RPi is a great example of learning things for the sake of it, but practical use. That is my admiration.

Beginner in Crypto
Beginner in Crypto

No expert, no qualifications, just insights and notices from a person learning crypto.

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