#1 Introduction - Hello World

By id-up | bedroom recordings | 22 May 2024

Hi there!

As a first-time blogger I’d like to introduce myself to the publish0x community. I’ve been reading articles here for some years now, yet so far I never published anything myself. This is about to change. I’m a hobby musician in my early thirties based in central Europe. Over the years I played in many bands and got acquainted with what you’d consider the classic rock instrumentation. I’m by no means a professional, but I tried my hand at recording and producing music. 

Furthermore, I’m a big crypto enthusiast. I have a high regard for decentralization and I hope to take part in the democratization of music and the music industry. It is incredible what a high quality music production one can achieve with low budget equipment and produce and release everything oneself without music labels. It certainly is a great time to be alive for DIY music production and bedroom recordings. 

As a little side project I Intend to create some music for the purpose of publishing and promoting it using mainly web 3.0 and blockchain services and non-mainstream platforms. If you have any recommendations in regard to web 3.0 social media and music publishing platforms feel free to comment. 

I plan to write about:

  • my creative musical output, songs that I write, record and release (maybe a recording work log or some behind the scenes content)
  • reviews on different web 3.0 platforms for music distribution and social media
  • possibly reviews on music related equipment
  • my thoughts on creativity and the democratization of the music industry as well as procrastination 

Hopefully, I can help to expand publish0x’s non-finance related content and get in line with the other musicians and music aficionados here, while holding myself accountable and by going public to beat procrastination and laziness. 

As you can tell I’m not a native speaker, but I’m fond of the English language and keen to write articles in decent English so I’d be incredibly grateful for constructive feedback.



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Crypto enthusiast

bedroom recordings
bedroom recordings

My musical journey in the spheres of web 3.0

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