"Wind blown leaves"

"Wind blown leaves"

By BearWallace | Bear's beatitudes | 8 Jan 2020


"Wind blown leaves"

Skyward I fly, pushed on by the blue wind
Elevated, if but for an instant
Very moved, I am the falling leaf
And so floating now spinning sadly
Every leaf on the tree will see me fall
Life's last moment as I sink passed them
Now, as my last breath is blown branchless
With my last thoughts grasping for hope
On a downward dance to my resting place
Lost forever is my life above
Below the earth lifts as the sky falls
Down with the gravity of the situation
No longer am I a part of the tree
In an instant, epiphany cries I'm free
Well, at least while I wait to hit the ground

by Bear Wallace.


Singer, Songwriter, Artist, Author, Poet.

Bear's beatitudes
Bear's beatitudes

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