The Armoury in DungeonSwap

DungeonSwap's Defi-tabletop-RPG-style launch 1st August UTC 18:00

By bigb3ar | BearPlaysToEarn | 1 Aug 2021

DungeonSwap, a decentralized table-top RPG style web crypto-game is about to have their very first launch of The Dungeon in their game. It will be out on 1st August UTC 18:00 based on their tweet.

To know a bit more about what is DungeonSwap, here is their whitepaper but here's a summary on their inspirations behind this project:

  • a web-based game that relies on text to narrate the game flow, exactly like a tabletop RPG game
  • rewards from the game will be in forms of their DND token and/or NFTs
  • all NFTs earned have a utility to them, whether that is as a shield, weapon or magic, that can be used in-game
  • to give players the satisfaction from seeing their character grow and benefit from actual financial rewards (Defi and yield farming mechanism)

The team has kindly send some demo screenshots on what we can expect from this and future launches! Enjoy!

The Dungeons

Encounters with Spider Queen

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