Another Crypto Investment Platform Scam - Typical Too good to be true!

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From 01 August 2023 the  "crypto investment platform" has just disappeared from the web leaving (hopefully) not many investors (specially novice ones) losing their hard-earned money (if they contradicted one of the golden investment rules : "if it is too good to be true, it probably is").

I personally was a bit skeptical and only lost my time there by taking and using only the bonus sign-up,thanks God. create account page  allowed people to make money online by investing in cryptocurrencies like USDT, BTC, ETH, etc.

The "platform" used a USDT payment gateway to "pay" its members.

Red Flags of  :

* Owner Information : Not provided at all on site

* Duplicate Content : Information contained in their website is also on different other websites.

* Low Trust Score Rate : According to research, a good trust score must be above 60 points. Lower than 25 is not reputable or reliable at all.

How to Determine a Online Scam :

1- Check the website domain registration details using a domain register tool like WHOIS.

This tool will tell you When the domain was registered, Who registered it and Where is it located. If the domain was recently registered or the details are hidden or omitted, that's a big concern about how legit the site is.

2- Check online reviews, social media comments, legit online tools to assess the website.If there are many complaints or negativity, steer clear.

3-Unprofessional Website : Is it well-designed?  , Are there spelling or grammatical mistakes at all?, Does it ask for personal information, wallet connection or money in advance or too soon?, Customer service unresponsive? then be very suspicious about it.

Hope lessons are learnt quicker, folks.

Thanks for reading and learning . . . together. page dashboard investment options website  website shutdown

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