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5 tips that empower community building

By bbrujas | bbrujas | 2 Jun 2021

Hi Publish0x!

I have seen these 5 tips, when honestly adopted, a great improvement for the communities engagement and resolution.

  • Be respectful when talking to others --> wouldn't you expect this while engaging others?
  • Be clear on your needs when explaining anything you are bringing --> few clear words better than long speeches.
  • Be interested about community feelings on decissions --> Ask for feedback before, during and after making decissions. don't assume after something is done, people is going to be OK with it.
  • Be a supporter and encourage your community to share their ideas --> if someone wants to bring something new, pay attention to it, try to understand it and nurture it. If, for any reason you don't like it, do not subtly undermine it by any means, let it grow at the community path and remember second tip.
  • Be thankful. Whatever is done at any moment, accept it is the better way it could have gone at that moment and remember to share with the community your feelings about the result.

What other things you do to take care about your surroundings?

Thanks for reading!


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