Top 3 Altcoins in 2019

By joaocardoso87 | BBOD | 14 Jan 2019

Through a detailed analysis of three cryptocurrencies, suggestions are presented for investment, trade, or to keep an eye on 2019.

| How to select top altcoins |

The key to successfully invest in altcoins is education on blockchain and cryptocurrency and solid research on selected projects.

The question you should answer while you the research:

  • Problem the project aims to solve
  • What solution offers
  • What are the catalysts
  • What are Risk Factors
  • The closer look at the team
  • Communication with the community

I made the research and below I present my trading ideas.

| Top picks for 2019 explained |


Decred |

In a market where centralization of power seems to be becoming an ever more prevalent force, Decred appears to be one of the few cryptocurrencies that continues to uphold the decentralized nature of the initial idea. By allowing members of the community to participate in the project in various ways including voting, mining and paid work contributions, Decred has created a vibrant community of incredibly knowledgeable and talented individuals avoiding the need for a centralized decision maker. Such a diverse set of opinions has allowed the project to quietly flourish, implementing changes to the Decred protocol much quicker than when centralized actors determine the direction of a project. This is true decentralization in action. Thus, if the project can continue on its current trajectory whilst Bitcoin continues to become more centralized, it could become a direct competitor. Certainly, one to watch as the market matures.

Elastos |

Elastos provides an innovative alternative ecosystem for content creators and consumers to maintain full control of their digital assets and monetize them without the need for unnecessary intermediaries. The projects key strength is the ability to create a marketplace for digital content detached from the internet itself, Elastos ‘Runtime’, utilizing the Blockchain only to verify the identification of content creators and to implement trustless peer-to-peer transactions. This has the potential to create an environment outside of the traditional corporate structure that will allow consumers to truly own their digital content and content creators to be rightfully rewarded for their creative endeavors. If Elastos can market their brand effectively, content creators could start transitioning exclusively over to the platform, leaving consumers no alternative but to adopt the system if they wish to enjoy their favorite artists. With support from cryptocurrency giants such as Bitmain and NEO and a dedicated team of 18 years, Elastos seem capable of successfully implementing their idea. Thus, as the mainstream begins to adopt decentralized applications, Elastos is certainly one to watch.

Quantstamp |

In the continually evolving blockchain industry, unique problems to solve are always present yet often missed. Quantstamp’s vision to provide much-needed security to smart contracts is certainly a valid addition to the blockchain ecosystem. By decentralizing auditing work and splitting traditionally expensive costs and knowledge amongst actors, Quantstamp could substantially improve the security of smart contracts moving forward, whilst providing a discounted price.

With numerous successful audits already completed for reputable firms on the Binance platform, the project has the potential to become the go-to protocol for contract creators seeking network security in years to come. As the market for smart contracts continues to grow, Quantstamp could become an incredibly lucrative endeavor for investors if this holds true. Certainly, one to keep on your radar.

| Trade |

Once you do your own research you should implement the ideas into the trading activity. The best altcoins trading platform is my opinion BBOD Trading Platform, where you can trade majors and altcoins with up to 50x leverage.

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|BBOD in Brief|

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BBOD accepts deposits in the stable coin TrueUSD (TUSD) and offers futures trading on 16 cryptocurrencies against TUSD, enabling one to trade over 100 different cryptocurrency contracts in total, on both rising and falling cryptocurrency prices.

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Our hybrid architecture offers the user experience of a centralized trading platform whilst providing the security and privacy of a decentralized exchange.

We look forward to launching the beta version of our trading platform in January 2019.

By Piotr Arendarski, Ph.D. in Finance, Chief Economist at BBOD.

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