Say goodbye to Google on Android [RootAppDeleter]

Say goodbye to Google on Android [RootAppDeleter]

By CryptoArch | BATman00 | 1 Feb 2020

Since Google bought Android several years ago, the software suite provided by manufacturers when buying a tablet or smartphone no longer breaks the rule. Google is ubiquitous all over your device.

Mail, cloud, youtube, drive and many other applications owned by google are automatically installed in your devices with no alternative possibilities.
The easiest solution to get rid of Google is the use of root application allowing to execute tasks normally reserved to the manufacturer.


A very effective application is "Rootappdeleter" which allows freezing or uninstalling complement of otherwise impossible constructor applications.

First, you will have to root your device according to the method of your choice.
The most efficient is Odin software, you have to flash appropriate file into your device. Do not use android app because often does not work and flood your device with advertising. Do not hesitate to search for the exact file according to the model of your device.

Then go to Playstore and download “Root App Deleter application.


By starting the application, superUSER rights are requested and without rooting you will not be able to run the application correctly.

I advise you to use only "JUNIOR module" as it will allow you to easily restore applications in case of problem. It often happens that some disabled Google services prevent other apps from working properly.



You can also choose the “uninstall app” menu via PRO MODE, but it is reserved for the most knowledgeable users because deleting some applications or services may render your device unusable. However, for the more sophisticated, this solution permanently removes the application or service in question.




The Freezer solution will pause unwanted Google apps or constructor. But they will always be installed in the heart of your device and they will always be effective if you have access to your personal data and equipment (wifi, bluetooth, sms, email, gps...).

In a next article, we will see how to install a new OS on your android device (CustomRom) and get an OS without any google services. Solution I advocate because OS are really developed to work without google services with the provision of suite open source application aimed at replacing gmail, youtube, drive and others.


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Like Cyanogenemod, lot's of OS without Google can be install into our smartphone.

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