Earn Satochi with Android
Earn Satochi with Android

By CryptoArch | BATman00 | 20 Jan 2020

A new way to earn bitcoin, ethereum and lumens while having fun.

Many apps are available on Android and iOS allowing you to win fractions of cryptocurrencies while playing.

Many are just scams and don’t honor their payments after long hours of games.

After a lot of research, I tested several that make good payment and gradually inflate your wallet.


Cryptopop, earn ETH:



Popstellar, earn XLM:



Alien Run earn BTC:



Blockchain game earn BTC :


Lottery earn LTC:

https://bitcoinaliens.com/? ref=1218586&game=8&pf=2

Lottery earn BCH:

https://bitcoinaliens.com/? ref=1218586&game=7&pf=2


Lottery earn BTC:

https://coinverting.com/? btcref=7797536&game=2&pf=2

I have tried all these applications and it actually pays, certainly fractions of cryptocurrency but everything is well credited after the payment request and no worries on their part.

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