Bitcoin node and Tesla [UPDATE]

Bitcoin node and Tesla [UPDATE]

By CryptoArch | BATman00 | 1 Feb 2020

Action realized by a blockchain developer who successfully installed a complete bitcoin node on his Tesla car.
Under the name of Bcoin, this developer so broke into his Tesla car to install this BTC node (Bitcoin node).

The developer has posted several videos showing the download of BTC blocks as well as the sychronization of the node on the dashboard of his Tesla.

Bcoin is a computer developer who studies and tests bitcoin nodes alternatives integrate on various media and connected objects.




There has been a lot of question about installing a Bitcoin node in a Tesla. Internet users are simply wondering “why?”.
Others indicated that such practices in the on-board computer of a Tesla electric car could damage the interface operation or internal storage system.

Nothing now proves that there have bad effects and Bcoin will certainly confirm the negative/positive effects that can cause the installation of a Bitcoin node on a Tesla.


People have notably tagged Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, in the discussion in order to draw his attention to the challenge achieved by this developer and the place that the blockchain could take on this kind of project.

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