Dont Touch Bitcoin now

By mohdfajas | General matter | 12 Feb 2023





Its been a tough time for bitcoin and crypto overall for a past couple of months or so. Now we see a push in the price of bitcoin recently and I worry that everyone might jump in it again because its not a real move and it will be corrected and will be corrected too deep and you want to be safe than sorry.

So please dont jump in this current move regret later, looking at charts i can say that its already started the correction for this sudden push.Price made a kind of complex head and shoulder pattern and broke the neckline and is going down currently.

So i would highly suggest to not get involved in bitcoin at the current market price and we will get much better area of value in near future and i will explain it in detail in my next post.

Thanks for checking out my post and see you in a bit.

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General matter
General matter

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