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Throughout history, mankind has gone through various revolutionary points. Many different inventions and developments have played a role in the formation of these points. The resumption of life, domestication of wheat, horse and dog, the invention of gunpowder, printing press, the wheel, penicillin, internal combustion engine, aircraft, the transistor can be considered as examples of those turning points. These events and inventions that I have mentioned have led to the change and development of human life in such a way that it would never look the same again. I think the number of those who will oppose what I have written so far are so few that I can count them on the fingers of my hand.


However, we almost always think of the positive changes these developments have created in our lives, as the human mind tends to forget their negativity or the struggle for their solution.

Yes, the list that I mentioned above having, perhaps seriously missing parts, has also carried negative effects.

For example, after the domestication of wheat, human has lost the appropriate diet of its own and has to deal with various internal diseases. Or the invention of the aircraft did not always provide a comfortable flight and led to many casualties in the early days.

When all this is considered, it is necessary to appreciate the people that had tried and struggled to find a solution for the problems caused by those inventions.

In this article, I will introduce a wonderful project related to the parking space problem, which is one of the problems caused by motor vehicles become widespread and that have become an irreplaceable part of our lives after the invention of the internal combustion engine and establishment of the huge cities helped us built our civilization: Parq!




What is Parq?

If I simply put, Parq is the application that guides you to the nearest parking spot where you are when you need it. Besides, if you have a parking lot, Parq allows you to rent this area to other Parq users at any time convenient. In this way, you can find the most suitable parking place when you need and you can earn money from your own parking space.




During all of these processes, you can perform the transactions under the guarantee of the Parq project with its smart contracts. In addition, Parq provides a completely transparent process for all users. Moreover, all in-app operations are interrogated because they are made with PARQ token.




Platform Features


• Parq has a working and award-winning product out there on the market which gives it a concrete project quality.

• Parq has registered 113 municipalities as its client.

• Parq is a tracable and registered company in current conditions.

• Parq has a significant team and a completely clear road map how it will execute further developments and advancements.

Those features I listed above make Parq a brilliant and promising project in my point of view.




Platform Advantages


ッ With the help of the application you can reserve the desired parking space even before leaving the house and the application will take you there in the fastest way.

ッ Using the city platform, municipalities, companies and parking garages can make use of the equipment they want, or buy from Parq partners.

ッ Users can obtain PARQ token by collecting and transferring specific information, including parking spaces.

ッ Users can earn PARQ token by registering their own parking spaces and opening it up to common use.





PARQ token is an ERC-20 based utility token. Here is the information about it:















Road Map







Final Words


Parq is the ultimate solution for the big cities as it is considered as the difficulty of finding a parking spot. It offers both a solution to the parking problem and earning by just being a part of this solution. Such a nice approach, isn't it? It is a registered company and it has a working app. If we are to examine projects in multiple dimension, Parq is a great one, indeed.

Thanks for your time.







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This article is not meant to give commercial or any other kind of advice. It is just an informative text at all.
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