We are Satoshi Nakamoto- statue being made in Hungary

By BarczaSzandra | BarczaSzandra | 4 Jun 2021

The world's first statue commemorating the founder of bitcoin is being made in Hungary. The work will take place in the Hungarian capital, Graphisoft Park in Budapest.


The creator of the online currency, Bitcoin, is the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto, whose real name we do not know. He never showed his face, nor can we know if he was a man or a woman.


Nakamoto released Bitcoin on January 3, 2009, in the immediate aftermath of the 2008 U.S. banking crisis, and there was plenty of speculation about his identity. Nakamoto claimed to be a 37-year-old Japanese man in his P2P Foundation profile, but not only is his age, nationality, or even gender uncertain, but it is questionable, among other things, whether it is a single person and not a group. In the last decade, many people have been identified as Satoshi (for example, Nick Szabó, of Hungarian descent). What little can be known about him is known from the narration of people who worked with and corresponded on Bitcoin with Satoshi. One such example is László Hanyecz, who is of Hungarian descent but works as a developer in Florida, who shared several things with the press about this mysterious figure.


Hanyecz spoke to Business Insider about the emailing between him and Nakamoto: based on that, Bitcoin's father seemed a little weird, which started with Hanyecz doing the development as a hobby because he also had a normal development job, but Nakamoto treated him so often , as if he were your employee. And in addition to Nakamoto always shaking off any questions about himself and never sharing any details about himself, he even seemed downright paranoid - which, according to Hanyecz, is understandable in retrospect, since if someone cracked Bitcoin then, nothing would be out of this cryptocurrency today. Interestingly, Nakamoto was not at all happy that Hanyecz was also mining Bitcoin, and even asked him to take back a little from this activity because Nakamoto was more trying to build a community and put the emphasis on commercial use, and was aware that only a few will get rich from mining.


By the way, Hanyecz not only coded Bitcoin, but he was the first to actually spend such a cryptocurrency when he paid 10,000 BTC for two pizzas.


In one of its articles, also identified 3 people as potential creators, but in the end, none of them could be proven to have anything to do with Bitcoin, which, according to the dreamer of the statue of Nakamoto, opened a new chapter in the world of the Internet.

The creation of the sculpture was initiated by four organizations, following the idea of ​​András Györfi, the oldest Hungarian Bitcoin exchange: Mr. Coin, the Crypto Academy, the Blockchain Hungary Association and Blockchain Budapest.

The sculpture under construction is partly funded by the members of the Hungarian crypt community, and the collaboration was completed by a community funding campaign in which 27 organizations and individuals contributed to the reconstruction of the sculpture. From the approximately 3.1 million HUF (about 10.000 $ )collected in this way, even an international image film can be created, although the media has already raised the topic.

Gergely Rèka’s opinion about the statue

Clients have studied the work of many sculptors as it is an abstract work, the creation of which is a difficult artistic task. In the end, they chose Réka Gergely and Tamás Gilly, who have been working on the statue since April and will be done with it within a few weeks.


The bronze bust depicts a hooded figure, alluding to the unknown founder. His face is made of a bronze-aluminum alloy, which the creators will polish heavily to reflect. So anyone who looks at a statue can see its own reflection in it.


“There is a saying that we are all Satoshi. The idea itself is important to create a fairer, better monetary system that is decentralized, independent of banks and states. This is exactly what the face of the statue symbolizes: it will be reflected so that whoever looks at it will see his own reflection in it.” Said by Andràs Györfi


I am Hungarian, so I really enjoyed gathering information and writing the article. It feels good that 2 Hungarian names have appeared in the history of Bitcoin.

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