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Have you ever heard about Security Keys? Are you looking for more security on your digital services as e-mails, cloud storage services, social media accounts? Then you must see this great security device.


A security key is a hardware device with a USB connector and/or with NFC and/or Bluetooth connection that allow users to login into their accounts in far safer way by using an international protocol standard, FIDO (Fast Identity Online). It works by storing the private keys of each service compatible with FIDO protocol on it, encrypted. The good thing is that is very hard or even impossible to hack the security key. When you register the security key in your account service, every time you login you'll be asked to insert the key in the USB port and then tap the blinking golden ring. By tapping the blinking ring, the device confirms its a human person and not a robot (malicious software) attempting to login. Its great because adds the needing of a physical approval beyond the password. In fact, the use of passwords is about to finish, since new technologies and new methods of authentication are developed. Giant techs, like Microsoft, Google, Amazon and other companies and manufacturers of the keys like Yubico are working together to make it happen. There're a lot of services that we use and for security reasons, we need to use different passwords on each service, which make it difficult to remember all those passwords. A hardware device with the capacity of authenticate 

Microsoft is working on Windows Hello and many ways to allow users to safely login into their services.

Google developed the Advanced Protection Program, which makes the use of the security keys to allow users to safely login into their services.

The security key, today, stands for a second layer of security, called 2FA (2 Factor Authentication). And its the best, most secure and reliable method of 2FA.

There're some manufacturers of this device, like Yubico, Feitian, Kingston, Thetis and some hardware wallets like Ledger and Trezor.

If you want to improve and enhance the security of your web services, spend some time researching about this tech and how it can help prevent and avoid account takeovers.

For more information about FIDO, access

For more information about all web services using 2FA, access 

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