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Earn Free Crypto Online - Start Your Portfolio FREE

By Bananolance | Bananolance | 18 Jun 2021

This is a  beginner guide on how to get free crypto and how you could start you own crypto portfolio for free. 

First off some basics. 

What is Cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency is digital money that you can send to anyone in the world without the use of a bank. As long as the recipient has the right type of wallet for the type of crypto you're sending transactions should go smooth. What is a crypto wallet? There are many types of crypto wallets. The most used are called "hot wallets". A hot wallet is a wallet that exists online. A cold storage wallet stores your crypto on a hardware device off of the internet. There are also paper wallets which we won't get into quite yet, but are also are an option to use. 

Some cryptos have had some security and blockchain issues. Probably most popularly known example would be Ethereum Classic with the double spend attacks they've experienced. It's always best to use a cryptocurrency you trust and have extensive knowledge of how it works. Many different cryptos work in different ways. Once you know the cryptos you support and trust then you can start focusing on those coins. This isn't useful for getting free crypto but it is useful for building your portfolio. 

A great place to start with earning free crypto and building your portfolio is signing up for a Coinbase account. Through their Learn and Earn option in coinbase, at the time of writing this there is currently $37 worth of free crypto up for grabs.  

I won't link here to my referral but if you know anyone using coinbase have them send you a referral link for an account before signing up. If you plan on buying atleast $100 in crypto in the first 30 days you will earn $10 in Bitcoin for free as well! Starting your portfolio with $37 for free and giving you $10 more if buying $100 in crypto. This will bring you up to $47 of free crypto right on coinbase! 

Another place to earn free crypto is after signing up for an account (as well as having a Binance account) you can learn about REVV. After watching the videos and finishing the quiz (about 8 minutes all together) you will be sent up to $5 in REVV. 

One can also earn free crypto by signing up and using Bananolance. Bananolance is a free to use forum based market where users can create or complete listing for work needed to be done. Users will pay or be paid in Banano. A feeless crypto based on DAG technology. Each listing will have an amount of Banano offered for a job complete. Once complete the freelancer will get that amount of Banano! Bananolance also offers free "Random Potassium Drops" (Banano Drops) to it's active users. Link to Bananolance Below 

Speaking of Banano, you can't talk Banano without mentioning nano. Nano is also a great currency to earn for free. Banano is actually a fork of nano and they both run off of DAG technology. Nano is also completely feeless so even earning small amounts is worth it! You can earn Banano and Nano in all sorts of ways from playing games, being tipped on Reddit or Discord, using Bananolance(previously mentioned), faucets, and even just watching videos. The best single place to go to earn free Nano is It is a hub for earning free Nano and has far too much to break down in this article. On there you can earn Nano for watching videos, playing games like CS:Go and even finding hidden Nano in real life! Give it a try and check it out! 

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Bananolance is a free to use forum based market where users can make listings to jobs needed done for exchange for Banano. Freelancers can apply to any listings they feel fit for and ear Banano on completion !


Bananolance is a free to use forum based market where users can make listings for jobs needed and freelancers can apply and get paid in Banano!

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