Turkish delight from carrots and semolina

Turkish delight from carrots and semolina

By bammbuss | bammbuss | 18 Aug 2019

After reading the recipe for cooking wonderful carrot Turkish Delight, I became interested in the simplicity and ease of the recipe of this delicious dish. I asked Olga clarifying questions, and having clarified her answers, I began to prepare.

Further post concerns my Wrong way of cooking Turkish Delight. The culinary recipes have the right recipe, I got a tasty and nutritious dish, but this is not Turkish delight. Do not try to repeat after me, use recipes of culinary.

So, the prescription required carrots, sugar, starch, nuts. Coconut flour and chips and something else there in the little things. I cooked carrots in a double boiler, wisely judging that it would not have to be cleaned. It is good enough to wash (and I purchased the carrots already washed), and then everything will make steam. And so it happened, the steam killed all the bacteria.
The fact is that I can not stand to peel carrots. Of course, carrots must be cleaned, I do not argue. The carrot did not last long in the double boiler, as soon as the characteristic 'carrot' smell went off, the device turned off.
As it turned out later, it was necessary to hold the carrots a couple longer. He didn’t cook, he didn’t boil it, but still it turned out tasty.

Carrots were crushed and ground, it turned out that I did not have starch. The next day I found him, it turns out he was in the far corner of the cabinet. But I did not lose heart, but replaced starch with decoy.

The fact is that only in the USSR from semolina cooked tasteless simple porridge, with the exception of Guriev porridge, of course. Throughout the rest of the world, this expensive and high-quality product was used / used more intelligently. Mainly from semolina prepare puddings, cookies, cakes, and tp desserts.
True, in the West and semolina is different. 'Semolina' is crushed from durum wheat, and our semolina from soft. Because our semolina and so cheap for the price at retail. Owning this info, I boldly replaced the starch decoy.

In a bowl, the multicooker (it won't burn it) folded carrot puree, sugar, semolina, added water, mixed. I was upset that semolina has become lumps. Turned on the mode 'Krupa' and let the water evaporate, constantly stirring and lumps dissolved. When cooled, stirred well again.
While he was in the way he was happy that he turned out to be quite a presentable-looking mass. I wanted to tint it with beets, and then be too lazy to wash the juicer afterwards. Beet juice is almost finished paint. Therefore, added cherry juice, it just defrosted. Juice squeezed his right fist, turning his face to the East. If you press the left and turning to the West, then xs what happens, do not take risks.

The idea came that you can simply buy jam, put starch in it and continue as in Olgin's recipe.

Put a lot overnight in the refrigerator, cool. I do not have coconut flour, chips, cashews, and therefore did not bother.
Accidentally discovered on the table one forgotten whole carrot, with pleasure it ate. This carrot after insufficient time in a double boiler seemed half-baked. It turned out very tasty with tea, somehow even sweeter it seems and chews easier.

In the morning I ate the dish with a spoon, deciding not to bother with cutting it into squares. Dusted with icing sugar on top, citric acid. I tried. Yummy. But this is not Turkish delight.

Ate during the day the whole plate, with sour cream, jam, and just like that. Very tasty and cool, but you'd better cook according to recipes of culinary. Making sweets at home, still having in stock and weighing all the necessary ingredients, this is not for me.

picture from here https://pixabay.com/ru/photos/рахат-лукум-восторг-султан-928409/


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