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By bammbuss | bammbuss | 23 Sep 2019


Discussions on the feasibility of using the 5.45 and 7.62 calibers by the Russian army do not cease in Runet. Which of these calibers is "better"? Spears break and pixels rush about, probably this holivar will be eternal. Because on the Internet there is a significant proportion of "specialists in all matters." And they are not silent, but speak out and argue, argue, argue ....

In the armies of NATO countries, in addition to caliber 7.62, there is also caliber 5.56. Therefore, in view of the “best practices”, there is again something to compare with, and therefore holivarit. Prior to the adoption of 5.56 caliber, NATO used 7.62x51 cartridges, and switched not to 5.45 caliber but to 5.56 already. So this is a reason to "understand" and "went to write the province" ....
Absolutely not having any relation to army affairs, I will touch on this topic as well. All on the Internet: -I have nothing to do with the issue, this is an occasion to express my opinion on it. In addition, the clever look of “listisalivtsiv and iksperdy” pretty amusing. But with this view they carry an abundance of completely unnecessary terms, mix all these “satchels”, “crimps”, “fenders”, stopping actions and “somersault of a bullet in the body”, “low-pulse ammunition”, “main and intermediate cartridge” .. .All this out of place terminology applies makes me sad.
I will start “with the eggs of Leda” and I will try to write as clearly and intelligibly as possible. The 7.62 mm caliber is the "native" caliber of the Russian army since the adoption of the Captain Mosin rifle. The caliber of the trunk of the mosquito = three lines. A line is an outdated measure of length equal to one tenth of an inch or 2.54 mm. The correct first name for the mosquito is “a three-line rifle of the 1891 model”. Subsequently, after 1917, the “three-ruler” had other official names.

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