The 'Fernando Alonso - Renault 3.0' arrives

By Baloo | Baloo music life | 7 Jul 2020

The 'Fernando Alonso - Renault 3.0' arrives


This Wednesday the signing becomes official from 13.00




The two-time F1 world champion will complete his third stage at Renault. It will be the arrival of the 'Fernando Alonso-Renault 3.0' . A very fruitful alliance for both of them. In fact, the Asturian won his two World Cups in the diamond team (2005 and 2006). Alonso left the Grand Circus in 2017. His last team had been McLaren. And now it fulfills the dream of all Spanish fans. He returns with the aim of closing the circle: adding a third championship that equals his idol Ayrton Senna .


This Wednesday his transfer will be official from 13:00 . Renault has accepted all the demanding conditions imposed by the Spanish driver and in the end an agreement has been reached. The first contacts between both parties took place at the end of last year. The new contract that Alonso will have will be three years (2 + 1).


Alonso's first stage at Renault (2003-2006) was really successful. The Oviedo came from the hand of Flavio Briatore , a key character in his career, who assured him a seat in the team, something that Ferrari could not offer him, who was also interested in signing Fernando. It started as on loan at Minardi and then at Renault was when he exploited his obvious virtues behind the wheel. In 2003 he won the Hungarian Grand Prix, making him the youngest driver to win a Grand Prix at just 22 years old . In this stage he added 15 victories.




He went to McLaren in 2007. He even announced that he was leaving very soon. So much so that it was a year that it was known that he would leave. And he made good use of it, as he achieved his second title with Renault in 2006.


Alonso's second stage (2008-2009) in the French team was not so brilliant. Of course, he managed to win two races. In 2008 he managed to finish fifth in the World Cup thanks to those two victories already mentioned, plus three podiums. And the following year and a pole and a podium were the best of a season in which he finished ninth.


From Renault he went to Ferrari, where he was on the verge of adding more titles to his brilliant record (two runners-up in 2012 and 2013). And then he left for McLaren. In the Woking team he ended up frustrated and hence he decided to try other adventures.


Aside from reporting that he won the 2005 and 2006 championships, it is worth noting that the Spaniard has participated in 314 Formula 1 grand prizes in which he has achieved 32 victories, 97 podiums and 22 poles . Among the records he came to hold are those of the youngest driver to win a race and a World Cup.


This great news for Spanish fans joins that of the signing of Carlos Sainz by Ferrari for the 2021 season. This course has just started, but we are already impatient for the next campaign to arrive.


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