Some attractive use cases of AI in photo and video editing

By Bala | Bala | 10 Apr 2024

Photo editing and video editing are the hottest jobs and highly demanded jobs. Someone very popular on YouTube will have a very good editor doing all the great work behind the scene. Today with the help of technological advancements, we can make wonders in photography and videography. We saw things were getting easier with tools like Photoshop or Paint.NET but today we have so many other advanced tools and some of them claim to be AI that can do many magics and wonders with the photos and videos we give them.

Improving photo or video capturing experience

There are many AI features available in modern mobile cameras that can help in detecting the objects around the place. This helps a lot in improving the quality of the image taken. There are also features available that can deduct light and dark modes based on the picture and provide lighting accordingly. These are only a few basic features that we are discussing but technically there are so many advanced features that AI is doing inside a camera enhancing the overall photo and video experiences. Some cameras can tell you what type of scene we have in the background while taking an image. This is also possible with AI.


The camera is also able to recognize someone's face and add a tag to the photo's metadata. In the future, there is also a possibility that if someone is in front of the camera, the camera will automatically choose what types of settings the person would need and take the photo accordingly. If another person is using the same camera, the AI should adjust accordingly. These are some customization capabilities that can be done based on an individual using the camera or video-capturing device.

AI can complete the remaining image or video

Let's say we have taken an image of someone with no hands and legs covered in the image. I have seen some artists taking those images and try to add the hands and legs as a painting to it. I have seen such enhancements happening with the help of editing. Today AI can do that automatically. All we have to do is provide some sample images of the person and the surroundings etc. We can get a fully completed image with the remaining surroundings. To some extent the work of an editor is covered by the AI itself. We may not have see so much of advancements happening around Videos but we may not be too far from that too. If we can achive things with photos, why not videos? We already have so many AI-generated videos going around on the internet blowing our minds. By the way, it doesn't mean that all the photo and video editors are going to be losing their job but their burden is going to be reduced to a greater extent.


During the early days of photo editing, I have seen people using tools that can go to the level of pixels and make alterations over there so that when it is zoomed out we get the enhanced image looking good. These were during the very early days of photo editing. Today we have software that can do that with a click of a button. On top of that adding AI elements will make some more additional magics making the image more enhanced.

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