Sent all my CUB tokens to Null

By Bala | Bala | 16 Apr 2024

With a very hard feeling, I had to send all my 1226 CUB to "0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead" address to convert them to LEO. I hope I'm still in the 30-day window to do this. I think I won't be getting much with those tokens because the value is very bad right now. Also, I guess I would have spent a lot more money on gas fees alone while moving the tokens from one place to another without any additional benefit.

I remember purchasing some of my CUB during the early days for over 4$ each. Today the tokens are not even worth a cent and has completely gone down. I did not have a great feeling about all this DeFi stuff from the very beginning. I wanted to enter into CUB because it was a project by the Leofinance team and they were doing very well at that time. I would have been happy at least if the bought price of the token was retained or the compensation was made for the bought price of the token.

Bought some CUB tokens today trusting the fact that Leofinance will not fail us

CubFinance - Approaching towards 500 CUB in Kingdoms

My DOT goes inside the den of Cub Finance

Above are some of the articles I was able to pick from the past. I'm sure there were a few more articles too where I talk a lot about CUB. I'm getting some nostalgic feelings and trying to gather thoughts on how my mindset was back then. I was very happy to accumulate a lot of CUB tokens and have written about them in several articles. The Leofinance team also had a lot of focus on other things than LEO tokens. I guess they were continuously trying to help the investors by introducing more tokens but unfortunately, LEO tokens lost focus. I'm very happy that today at least they realize the importance of not losing focus on their primary token and the price of LEO is improving a lot. But many investors lost a lot of money. This compensation in the form of an LEO token is not going to be anything in my opinion.

If you look at the above screenshot my CUB tokens are now worth 3.23 $. Imagine if the price of the initial days was there, the tokens would have been worth close to 5k $. This is one of the bad investments that I have made and I guess many people who invested big amounts of money and who did not do any stop loss would also feel the same. Today the team is focusing more on LEO tokens and trying to bring the value up.

One of the recent developments where there will be a new bridge to Maya is going to be a good one I believe. But even there we hope there will be no liquidity issues or other issues that doesn't give long sustenance. Whenever LEO comes up with a new project, they launch is very well but later the stability is where they are failing. They abandon some of their old projects or old work they did where they spent a lot of money and time. The Leofinance mobile app is one of the best examples of that. I enjoyed the layout and was using the mobile app for quite some time. There were a lot of bugs though.

It would be nice if the InLeo team could spend some resources on issue resolution and bug fixing. This way user experience will be way better. I hope the team will take my honest feedback constructive because I'm also one of the users who were affected because of all these and would like to still believe in the team and provide feedbacks wherever I can.

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