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By Bala | Bala | 20 Jul 2023

People in the crypto world know how important Bitcoin is for the crypto world. Usually, when a new person is trying to enter the crypto world they are first attracted to Bitcoin and they also misunderstand that the crypto world is completely about Bitcoin which is not the case. This is one of the biggest reasons for people to read a lot of blogs on Bitcoin.

Bloggers also take this as an advantage and attract people into the crypto world by writing many blogs on Bitcoin. This is a good strategy and once the entry is made, I believe they will be able to explore on their own and switch to other communities. Compared to the use cases Bitcoin has currently, there are so many other blockchains and coins that have better advantages. This also includes other native coins too. On top of that, there are also many tokens inside native blockchains that also attract many projects and investors.


Bitcoin is a good entry point

There are numerous articles available online that help people get a basic understanding of what cryptocurrency is all about and what they can do with it. When Chat GPT was introduced many people started exploring how they can make money out of Chat GPT. This happens with any technology. When blockchain technology was introduced, people explored from the same perspective, and onboarding was really a big problem. Even in today's world where we have a lot of advanced use cases with cryptocurrencies, people still find it very hard to attract new users to this.

Bitcoin is definitely the magic world and every noncrypto individual who is interested in cryptocurrencies starts their exploration with Bitcoin first. Many people still are interested to trade only Bitcoin and not any other cryptocurrency and they also do painful wallet-to-wallet transactions in order to be safe and secure. There are innovations happening around Bitcoin and people find it very interesting. Having a lightning layer on top of Bitcoin was also a great innovation.

Reading about Bitcoin

I was able to notice this on Publish0x. Many bloggers who write on Bitcoin were rewarded well compared to people who write on generalized topics. Most people who write on crypto-related topics get an advantage but on top of that, if people write blogs on native coins and especially on Bitcoin, it attracts readers and also brings more traffic. I experimented with this personally and I also checked the profiles of a few authors and they were consistently getting decent rewards on their posts for writing more on Bitcoin and other top cryptocurrencies.


My articles on Bitcoin-related topics also attracted more views compared to my other articles. Rewards are secondary but this gives an idea that people like to read more about Bitcoin and would like to see more innovation around Bitcoin. The thought is obvious because Bitcoin is indeed the first cryptocurrency in the world and everything else came after that with a small tweak in the base concept.

Holding Bitcoin for good

Even though there are thousands of other cryptocurrencies available in the crypto space, I personally think that it is always ideal to hold some Bitcoin for good. It has been several years since the launch of Bitcoin and we are able to see several other cryptocurrencies from different projects but Bitcoin is still Number 1 and top traded. The movement of every other coin is also dependent on Bitcoin's movement. No wonder we should be holding some Bitcoin too. I once had a dream to hold at least 1 full Bitcoin for myself but when the market started pumping, I couldn't afford it and left that idea.

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