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By Bala | Bala | 4 Jan 2024

Some people might think they must be an expert to earn money online. Especially developers think that they need a lot of skills to earn money online but it is not true. People can still keep learning and at the same time start earning as well. Many students are following this strategy and have been earning a lot online. This is the power of technology and the opportunities we have online. In this article, we are doing to be discussing different ways in which someone can earn online despite being an early developer.

Learning is a process that shouldn't stop and even an experienced developer should keep learning. There is no actual saturation to learning at all. The technology keeps changing and we always have room to adapt to new technology and continue learning.


Teach online

Online teaching is one of the best sources of income. People can learn and teach what they have learned. Some companies focus on online learning and people can enroll themselves as teachers and teach through those websites. The other best way to teach online is through YouTube or Udemy platforms. But initially, this can be a slow start and if you do well, the views can gradually increase. Some people physically want to be taught online. Even though there are many materials available, they would like someone sitting in front of them or readily available if they have any doubts.

Participate in Hackathons and contests

There are a few websites that offer contests and Hackathons to the developers. Some websites also have real-world problems that need solutions. People post their problems and if someone can come up with a solution for the problem, they receive a bounty for that. There are both frequent as well as seasonal hackathons in which both newbies as well as experienced people, can participate.

Sell courses online

Course materials are also one way to start earning. There are platforms like Udemy and other places where you can sell online courses. The quality of the course materials will be an important factor for your success and many people learn by just doing a start first and gradually improving over the years.


Freelance jobs

Many websites offer jobs for individuals. They can join those websites and bid on projects. After the work is done and submitted, the payment happens through the platform and the platform would take a small commission from that as the platform fee. If you know any clients directly, you can also work for them without needing to pay for any middleman or platform.

Develop applications and products

If you have a good idea, that can be converted to a product or an application and sold online. There are websites where people would like to purchase products and services. You can focus on some of the needs of people and convert that into an application or a product and sell online. There are schemes where you can associate with the seller and get a part of the earnings or have an exclusive website and sell the product or services there.


Blogging is casual. Many developers write their development experiences or about the path they have traveled so far and earn a decent income from that. People always need help and if they get some directions from people who have already walked on that path, they would like to pick that instead of trying things on their own. Having a personal blog or experience-sharing blog helps in both assisting others as well as monetization.

Technical writing

This is different from blogging where people can do some technical writing where the subject would be more precise to learning something online. These technical articles can be a tutorial or a step-by-step guide to something. If you would like to teach something to people writing is also a way to do it.


Become a game developer

Gaming opportunities are very good. People who are game developers always have a good chance. Sometimes someone can be a good dev but may not be good at ideation. If that is the case, joining hands with someone who can ideate can be the best way to be a good game developer. Learning good technology and starting the game development journey is also a good way forward.

YouTube channel

Many developers become good teachers with the help of YouTube channels. They teach what they have learned already and if they are good at it, their YouTube channel will get popular and they will start earning a decent amount of money for their consistency. Even if you are just learning to code, you can post videos side by side and try if that works too.

Open source projects

Contributing to open-source projects is also a great thing. People pick open-source projects and build something awesome with them and also make them open-source again. They maintain the open source code and they are sponsored by companies and other individuals on Github for doing so. Building tools on top of open-source code is one great way to get good visibility.

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