No more FASTags in India, good but I would be happy to see a blockchain based solution

By Bala | Bala | 7 May 2022

In India, the toll booth collection model was converted from Cash to FASTag only recently. This made a very big change in recent months because the traffic at toll booths before that was terrible. But even today I wouldn't agree that this is the best system we ever have but it is definitely better than the cash collection system I would say.

I see a lot of news spreading about a new GPS-based collection system that would replace FASTag soon. It looks like the system is already live in some of the countries and they are very successful. People don't even have to stop in the booths and the amount will also be deducted based on the on-road distance instead of a flat fee. This will be a very good change benefiting both the riders as well as the government.



I really wish this system was replaced with a blockchain-based system where the transactions are tracked in blockchain and anybody can run a node for the same. This way we would also be able to encourage the government from supporting blockchain technology and it will also act as a good step towards digitalizing currency. I'm not sure but I read somewhere that a few countries have been experimenting with this idea already and if I'm not wrong South Korea is a bit advanced in this and they already have a working blockchain solution up and running. I'm not sure to what extent that news is true or not.

But anyways if we are able to have the GPS system in every vehicle as a mandatory thing, we should be able to handle the crime as well. If any vehicle goes out of sync or is doing something that it is not supposed to do, it should be traceable by the government. But this can end up like a privacy issue for some people but maybe this data need not be accessible by everyone and it can just stay encrypted. This data can all be on the blockchain systems and public nodes will make it more decentralized and tamper-proof so that even if people want to invest in this particular system they can do it. When there is a need to review this data, let the appropriate authorities have the option to decrypt the data from the chain.

In a worst-case scenario at least the toll collection part alone can be decentralized and I'm sure lots of people would welcome this move in a way that if the coin becomes tradable, we will also be able to see many good investors coming this way. This can be a huge revenue for the government.

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