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By Bala | Bala | 6 Jan 2023

It is still the first week of the new month and I'm not done with sharing my earning reports. dCity being one of the first few games on Hive Engine is still one of the best games to provide consistent income to investors. The game provides rewards to the holders based on their holdings. I have been holding my assets for a long time and have not sold anything. I have also been holding the SIM rewards I have been getting from the game.


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From what I noticed the rewards from the game have been reduced in the last month. Compared to the previous month the rewards in the month of December were very poor. I guess I should spend some time understanding the game mechanics. Otherwise, it is not going to be great next month too. I also did not invest anything into the game in the last year. Only during the initial days, do I continuously invest. Anything I'm earning after that is all just a bonus.

The rewards are also in the form of Hive tokens. The game transfers tokens in the form of Hive to SIM holders. It is said that the APR is very good for holding SIM but I'm not sure if the drop in the price of SIM is also considered for the calculation of APR. Most of these APR providers miss that. Here again, the rewards were a little less compared to last month. I guess the price of Hive should be the reason for that. As the price of Hive improves the price of SIM should also improve and there should be better rewards if I'm not wrong.

The third category of rewards is the distribution rewards for holding SIM in the liquidity pool. This again dropped because the quantity of SIM on the pool would have reduced because of the bad market conditions. I hope this all becomes good after the price improves. I'm also worried a little about the impermanent loss. If these rewards are not good then in addition to this if there is going to be an impermanent loss, then it is again not good. I'm also thinking about when I should book my profits from SIM. The price of SIM is not good right now. Maybe I should hold the SIM tight and sell them when the price improves.


This is my current holdings in the liquidity pool. I was thinking if it would be a good idea to push my liquid SIM further to the liquidity pool itself instead of having them in my wallet. While writing this article I added my additional SIM to the pool itself. Hope the rewards would be better for adding more liquidity. Let's see.


This is now my new position in the liquidity pool after adding the additional liquidity. Maybe I should push my SIM for one more month and reach 1 million SIM and later after that, I should start booking my profits.

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