Idea of getting global electricity grid

By Bala | Bala | 20 Oct 2023

The electricity and energy sector is going to be one of the biggest things in the future. If I remember it right Nicola Tesla wanted to work on a global electricity grid where the charges flow throughout the world and reach for electricity was easier for every individual. There is also a theory saying that there is already such energy prevailing on this earth. We just don't know how to harness that energy yet.

As humans with the limited options we have, maybe we can create a global electricity grid and have everyone contributing electricity to that and consume from that. There are places where excess is produced but not consumed enough. There are places where there is not enough production either. If we can balance out both the demand and supply can be balanced very well. Handling the cost is something that has to be worked out. There are countries in the world where electricity is very cheap and there are countries where electricity is very costly. People do this as a business and in some places, the government struggles to provide adequate electricity to their people.


Internet and Electricity

Like how we have internet everywhere, we should also have electricity everywhere in the world and there should be cost involved to add more electricity to the grid and to get electricity out from the grid. During the start Internet also came out as a similar concept. People did not believe that this could be made available all over the world but when things started getting popular and many countries and communities joined together to share the data across the world, this idea became a reality.

The concept of a global electricity grid can actually start inside a small community initially and spread to a town, then to a city, and then to a country. There should be credits and rewards for sending more energy to this grid. Maybe blockchains and cryptocurrency can play a vital role in this. Rewarding is made easier with the help of blockchain technology. Maybe the blockchain concept is not stabilized yet but there are countries having this as a reality.

The price of electricity would still be defined by the government and can change from one place to another. But the benefit for people who are generating electricity and giving it to the grid can vary from one place to another too. In some places where people produce more electricity due to the availability of more Sun, production might be cheaper but at the same time in places where there is low Sun, production can be less but demand can be high and this is how the cost can be worked out.


Wireless transmission of electricity

Having a global electricity grid is good but connecting them through wires is the most tedious process and achieving that is not an easy thing at all. Many people explored the option to make it wireless and transmit electricity through a wireless connection but the range is not very good. Magnetic waves are used to transmit electricity to a limited zone but it is not as efficient as transmitting them through a wire. We still need a lot more research in this area so that we can somehow harness the power in a wireless way. It can take several years or even several decades but I'm sure it will become a reality someday.

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