Good thing about purchasing a coin during its prelaunch

By Bala | Bala | 23 Apr 2021

Yesterday I got this opportunity to purchase $GLASS tokens on BSC. Thanks to @raymondspeaks who got us into this. This is the first time I'm purchasing some coin before the launch or during the prelaunch. Nobody knows what this project is all about and how it is going to go further. I'm happy that I was able to be one of the early guys to purchase this along with a few of my friends as well. For just 0.001 BNB, we were able to get a shit load of tokens at the current price.


We were all early bird because the project just had a pre-launch and the website is not even ready. They are using artificial intelligence to reward the holders. Looks like if we purchase the tokens and hold them in the wallet, we will be able to get some rewards continuously. This is something unique I feel. Most of the tokens out there will usually ask us to stake the tokens to get more rewards but this one looks a bit different to me.

Well, we don't know, this can end up like a shit coin as well but what if this blooms and we are all early investors. There is still an opportunity available if someone is planning to buy this shit. You can do your own research before entering into this coin. This is not going to any financial advice. But if you need more details about this coin and to know how you can also purchase it, visit the below tweet.

I invested like 6$ worth of BNB at the time of investment. My investment has already doubled. One thing that attracts me again is the fact that the supply is limited. Though the supply is huge, it is limited and not unlimited. The crypto world is crazy. Sometimes this kind of shitty investment can take us to the moon. We don't know how far this can go but no harm in just investing $1 in this. I initially invested $1 and bought $1 worth of tokens and then I purchased $5 worth of tokens again. Now not going to buy anymore. I will wait and watch what happens. The investment has already doubled but let's see how far it goes.

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