Exchanging our old fridge which is of my age for a new one

By Bala | Bala | 5 May 2024

After almost 10 years, we are doing a lot of renovation work in the house. I'm trying to get rid of some of the old items in the house and also making some efforts to get rid of items that we no longer need in the house. It is a very big challenge to throw away the old items and get something new, especially when we have our old folks in the house. The fridge is what we are trying to replace. There are other electronic items too in the list but it takes a lot of time to do this conversation and get rid of the old one.

My mother wanted to have a new fridge in the house. The reason given to me was that the old one was not spacious enough. I agree with the point but the only condition that I gave to my mom was that I want to get rid of the old one before we get the new one. Both my mother and father couldn't agree to that and it has been nearly 2 years since we initiated this conversation of getting a new fridge but it never happened. But now that the renovation works are going on in the house, they agreed to give me the old fridge for exchange when I get the new fridge.

We used to have a Godrej fridge which is close to 35 years old. My mom used to tell me that it was bought before I was born and it was around that time. I don't remember exactly but they keep saying that we both are of the same age. The good thing about electronic items from the old days is their durability. We cannot guarantee a new fridge can stay for another 35 years but the old one was highly durable and it was very good. Maybe for the new fridge, I can tell my son that it is his age after he grows up.

I'm impressed by the features we get these days on the new electronic items. The fridge is one such item that has improved a lot in so many years. I'm planning to purchase a little bigger fridge that will primarily be taller with more space and capacity. My mom wanted to have only a single-door fridge and for some reason, she hates double doors but this fridge that I have chosen has a facility where the freezer can also be converted to a fridge which is a very useful feature. Below is the link to the fridge I have ordered and they are going to be taking away the old fridge.


One of the biggest reasons why I selected this was after seeing the reviews on this item and other items. I did not want to go to a higher price range than this which can be a little more costly. Similarly, the lower range may not have enough features. To be very honest I felt a little bad in deciding to give away the old fridge. They say we shouldn't get attached too much to things but imagine something being in the house for almost 3 and a half decades and it does give a different feeling but yeah we have decided and we are going for it. Hopefully, the new fridge should make our lives better and easier because the old fridge had a few challenges which were especially the space constraints. Now with the new fridge, we will be able to save more items.

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