Elite TV Series on Netflix - Review and thoughts

By Bala | Bala | 13 Jun 2021

It's been a while since I wrote anything on the TV series and movies that I have been watching. I recently completed watching this series on Netflix. After I completed watching Money Heist and Locked up, this was continuously on my suggestions and I was waiting for a chance to start watching this series.

I have a small problem, if I start watching a series, I just do it continuously and will not stop until I complete the series. That's how I watch all the TV series. For me, that kind of relaxation is mandatory once in a while. But I have to prevent myself from watching the episodes back to back. I guess that is the only problem. Otherwise, I'm all good.



One reason I was interested in this series was because I found a few actors from Money Heist here as well. I wanted to watch the series for those actors. I'm always fond of the Spanish series. Though some of the episodes in Money Heist and Locked up seemed to be boring for me, I was able to enjoy the scenes where it moves faster.

Overall review

Crime is a genre that interests me. The character selection here was very good. The episodes moved faster than expected which did not bore me at all. I did not find any of the episodes or scenes boring. There was a good amount of nudity in the series and also Dark romance. But it was all aligned with the series and none of that was extra or unnecessary. At least that's what I felt.


All the characters in the series were a perfect fit and they did their part very well. I was expecting the series to have some more suspense as well but it was okay in that aspect. The director could have kept certain things secret so that it creates a small pressure in the mind of people who watch. There were a few scenes like that but I personally thought it was not enough. Overall it was worth my time and I enjoyed watching this series.

The cultural differences

I was able to see lots of cultural differences. Some of the scenes were a little weird for me. I understand that it is quite common in different cultures but it was pretty new for me. I'm sure some people from my place would find it disgusting but I'm a bit okay because I have heard of these things before. The way we see marriages and relationships here in my country are totally different and that's what I felt a little bit awkward. Otherwise, it was fair that it totally depends on a country's culture.

At some point, I even felt that I was watching the Spanish version of the American Pie movie.

The Ending

Towards the ending of the series, I was so much involved with each and every character in the series and I felt a little sad that it was ending. This usually happens with all the series we watch right. If we are so involved with the characters in the series or movie, we wouldn't want the series to end. I had the same feeling.

I found that this was a TV Series created from a book called Elite. I did not explore more than that but I kind of felt that it would be nice if the story continues and there are a few episodes showing what happened to the characters after this. But it was indeed a happy ending and more like how a TV series should end. Luckily there is going to be another season coming soon. I came to know about that only recently while watching something on Netflix.

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