Bought some CUB tokens today trusting the fact that Leofinance will not fail us

By Bala | Bala | 8 Jan 2022

Today @r1s2g3 shared his post about his decision to purchase CUB tokens. Good that finally he is getting into CUB tokens and I'm sure he will soon have a huge stake there and I may not be able to match him. But as a small start, I thought of converting some of my LEO tokens to CUB tokens today. What I did today is not much though but I'm planning to increase my CUB stake gradually this year.


I had been thinking this for a very long time and I did not actually make it happen. Good that after this new year let some of my funds flow into CUB hoping CUB will be big this year. There are some reasons why I took this decision and wanted to invest in CUB. Let me go one by one:

Leofinance have done wonders in the past

I don't think there would be anyone complaining that Leofinance is a fake or it will fail us. There are some concerns for me that Leofinance might probably spread too thin into multiple blockchains but Khal explained why they are doing it in one of his comments/posts. Slow development is the next common complaint that people make. People also say that they talk about too many things but the end result is slow.

I don't think that is entirely true. The progress might be a little slow but I'm glad that it is happening. Leofinance is one project on Hive that really promised things and made them happen. It is one of the early reasons for Hive to get more users from the outside world. I'm still confident that they will amaze us with more exciting things on Hive considering the fact that they have more developers in the team now. Being a developer, I know how hard it is to make functionalities go live.

CUB was very high when I bought initially

I got into CUB during the early days when the price was over 4$. I know for a fact that there were people who even bought CUB when the price was around 6 dollars. After I bought CUB for 4 dollars, the price never reached my bought price. It is a sad thing but there can be a good future for CUB. Even if there is no proper use case for CUB, I'm happy to still invest because I wanted to do a breakeven. If I buy low at around 30 cents now, it would be better compared to my initial investment when the price was around 4 dollars.


47% APR is still very attractive

I know that all DeFi stuff gives us a good APR but the value of the main token goes down gradually as the investors start dumping their earnings. On CUB we have something called Kingdoms that will let us compound our earnings automatically. I don't have to manually click a button to claim my CUB earnings. This is another attractive aspect. I would like to go for it as the APR is still very good. 47% is pretty decent for a DeFi project I would say. If there are some improvements and if suddenly the price of CUB pumps, all the investors will have a great time booking their profits.


I currently have a total of 932 CUB tokens. I have to increase this to 1000 first and then probably more than that before the end of 2022. I would even be happy to book some profits if the price hits 1$ again. I personally think this is a good investment to make considering the fact that I bought it for a high cost earlier. I don't want to recommend this to anyone straight away. Consider your monitory situation and do your own research before investing.

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