Avoid negative people in the crypto space

By Bala | Bala | 21 Jul 2023

There are negative people everywhere. I have heard from motivational speeches that if we start creating more space for positive things, the negative things will automatically go away not having any space in our mind. The thought process should always be towards positive things and the negative things would fear to come near us. The crypto space also has lots of negative people and negative influencers who don't like someone growing or they keep evil eyes on people who earn decent money here for their efforts.

There are so many ways in which we can grow in the crypto space. Most of the time we are our own competition. If we did something yesterday, we have to keep thinking about how we can do better tomorrow. The direction of growth should be this. We have to understand that negative people are also sometimes good if they give us proper feedback but there would always be people who don't want to give feedback but they want the project to suffer.


Avoid having conversations with negative people

People have Egos and sometimes it can be a good ego and sometimes it can be a bad ego. It is better to avoid having conversations with negative people. Most of the negative people want what they have in their minds to happen. They try to speak nice words and take control of the project to destroy it completely. If the feedback is given on a general forum, we can consider it constructive feedback but if it is targeted toward something specific and if it has trolls and bullies, then it is better to avoid that person altogether.

The more we are surrounded by positive people, we will have positive vibrations around us and we can do better. If we are surrounded by negative people and if we feed them by listening to them, they would find that as an opportunity and trap us in their negativity.


Evaluating Feedback and Constructive Criticism

When we say that we shouldn't be talking to negative people, it doesn't mean that we shouldn't be taking feedback or constructive criticism at all. I would even say that critics are the people who would tell us what is wrong and what is right. From our perspective, everything is always right. That's the usual mindset. Having critics is something like having someone from the other side look at things and let us know what needs changing and how things can be better.

We can have a forum where we can have a facility for people to share their feedback with us. This way we can also know how we are performing and sometimes as part of feedback, there is a high chance that we might as well get some great idea that we can implement.

Focusing on building our knowledge base

The absence of our knowledge is sometimes the most important reason for the slow growth of the project. We have to make sure we have the right people in the project and sometimes the wrong people might be inside the project itself and they would be the major blocker for our continuous growth. Knowledge can be obtained by reading articles online or talking to someone who already has that knowledge. All the knowledge cannot happen by just reading, creating contacts, and having conversations with them is very important and that also generates more new ideas.

When we are obtaining some information, we should also understand that the information should be from the right source and should also be filtered. We shouldn't believe whatever we read or whatever we hear from others. If someone is asking us to join a pyramid scheme we might have multiple thoughts on that and would try to understand that first. Similarly, the negative people in the crypto space would make us fall into the trap like any other normal person. Having the right knowledge would help in such instances to be careful with negative people.

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