Are your collecting candies in CoinGecko?

Are your collecting candies in CoinGecko?

By Bala | Bala | 5 Jul 2021

I have been using CoinGecko for a long time. I was initially using CoinMarketCap and then switched to using CoinGecko only last year. After the chain split happened between Hive and Steem I was looking for a good site and then ended up with CoinGecko. For some reason, CoinMarketCap did not work out well for me and I thought of not using it anymore. But CoinGecko was great that provided exactly the same things we needed and that's a great thing.


I also came to know that CoinGecko was also one of the witnesses on Steem earlier. But yeah who knows there are always mysteries and unknown things in this crypto world that will always surprise us.

Collecting candies in CoinGecko

CoinGecko gives us a feature where we can collect candies every day. Those candies can then be used to purchase a few perks from them. Initially, when I saw this feature I was not very regular in using this feature. Later when they introduced a portfolio feature and also when I found out that the mobile app can also get handy, I started collecting candies regularly.

There are advantages to collecting the candies in a row. There is a 7-day advantage there. We will be able to collect more candies if we collect them in a row. The 7th day is the maximum where we will be able to get 100 candies. If we miss even a single day, we will miss the opportunity and we will be able to collect only 10 candies and we will have to again start from day 1.

If you ask me about the worth of these candies, I don't know anything yet for sure. But I believe there will be some use cases for these candies in the future as well. I wouldn't say that it is completely a waste to collect these candies today because there are some discounts and perks that we can purchase on the CoinGecko site with the help of these candies. Some of the discounts have already been sold out. There is also a talk that we will also be able to purchase some CoinGecko exclusive NFTs with the help of these candies. I found the VPN purchase as a good option there but only a few are left and it is getting sold soon.

Portfolio on CoinGecko

The portfolio is another interesting option we have on the CoinGecko site that is very handy. I already wrote an article sharing information on how handy this portfolio option was for me to maintain my portfolio. I still use them to make a note of all the coins I have been holding and check their price regularly.


I have to say that collecting candies has become easier for me only with the help of this portfolio option. Without this, I would have not been visiting CoinGecko mobile app every day. After adding my portfolio and watch list to this app, I wake up every morning to this looking at the price of the tokens I have marked there. While checking the price, I also collect the candies there.

People also say that CoinGecko tracks our data and it is not safe to use their mobile application. But I guess that is there are several other apps as well. So it isn't a big deal for me. I hope they wouldn't make it so unsafe to use their app on my mobile.

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