Are crypto folks the smart and unique ones?

By Bala | Bala | 22 May 2022

I always used to wonder if the crypto folks are the smart ones out there. The main reason is that not everyone is grasping the crypto concepts. Sometimes it is even hard to explain some of the crypto concepts to our friends. At least that has happened for me. I'm not trying to say that people who are not understanding crypto are the dull ones but something makes me feel that crypto people are unique and they grasp these concepts easily and would like to explore this new world.

Even though I say that people in crypto are smarter, I would like to say that they are smarter than the normal people in the FIAT world probably. But definitely, there are also dumb people even inside the crypto world who bring in lots of FIAT money and dump it on scam projects without doing any research. Sadly these people cannot be helped. All we can do is, identify such people and probably try to channel them towards some good projects. But even in that case not all the people would be open-minded to accept such offers. If they want to invest in a dumb project they will do it no matter what. I used to sometimes think that even these people are also required for the crypto world because during bad times the crypto projects will also need funding right. Don't think of me like I'm having an Evil mind here but just that we cannot help such people in anyways.



Challenges in crypto adoption

This is real. When you talk to some people about cryptocurrency, they will stop you right there and ask you if we are talking about bitcoin and just simply walk away. Some people have a straight thought that Bitcoin is a scam and because of that, all the cryptocurrencies are scams. The funny thing is just because cryptocurrencies are a scam the underlying blockchain technology is also a scam and no hopes of that as well. Things like these make it hard to have a conversation with a non crypto friend.

When I even try to talk to them, the first thing is Bitcoin. It is always like I have to start the conversation explaining BTC first and then only move to other blockchains. In some cases, I have to do BTC first, then ETH, and then only take them to other blockchains. It is also very hard to convince them. I guess many people can relate to what I'm trying to say here because you might have also had a similar experience with your non-crypto friends. But let's not get exhausted. Even though it is a challenge to bring someone inside crypto, if they are really our close friends, we can somehow try and bring them in. The reason is that after 10 years they are going to regret not being here sooner like how we all do right now.



Bring more smart people

I somehow started this article by saying that crypto folks are the smarter folks out there. But I would also like to say that there are so many smart non-crypto folks out there. Imagine the potential they have and what they can bring to this crypto world. They can come up with lots of cool projects and innovations. It is always good to put some effort into bringing, even more, smarter people to the crypto world.

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