Advantages GPS based toll collection brings

By Bala | Bala | 23 Feb 2024

A few days back I wrote an article about how the toll collection in India is improving and how they are planning to use GPS for toll collection. In this article, I'm going to discuss the advantages of toll collection with the help of GPS. Before we get started, we have to understand one thing toll collection is not a big business for the government. Some stats say that most toll collection was operating only in loss and only after fast tag was introduced, they were about to collect sufficient toll amount to sustain.

I hope GPS-based toll collection will bring more advantages than our current method. The way the world moves shows that everything is expected to be faster. If this is going to be good for both users as well as the government, I think it should be welcomed.


Accurate distance calculation and payment

Most likely there will be a GPS device on every vehicle and this GPS device will become a mandatory thing for all the vehicles. When the vehicle is moving, the distance and location would get calculated and when someone is completing a journey or even during the journey, a calculation would keep happening in the background. When the rider completes the travel, the amount will be deducted. Maybe there is also a possibility where there can be checkpoints similar to the toll booths we currently have and when that toll booth is crossed, the calculation would automatically happen. We will know more about this only after this is related and we know how they have implemented it.

Reduces traffic congestion near a toll booth

Some studies said that it was taking nearly 8 minutes on average in a toll booth with it was fully on cash collection. After toll collection was made using fast tag, the average waiting time changed to 47 seconds which is a drastic change. But even at times, there can be congestion. There can be a case where one vehicle has no fast tag a broken fast tag or a wallet with no money inside it. The vehicle discovers this problem only when standing in the queue. This will end up being a problem for the other vehicles too because they would be stuck until the issue is resolved for someone paying the toll in front. This will create a lot of congestion and people even end up waiting for more than half an hour in the same place. Having GPS-based toll collection can resolve such issues and reduce congestion during such instances.


Additional layer of security on the vehicles

Having GPS devices on the vehicle is good according to my opinion. We will be able to easily track the vehicle and it becomes easier for both family members as well as government. I understand that there can even be privacy concerns here but at the same time, safety is also important, and having a GPS device on vehicles can reduce the crime rate to some extent. This way apart from making the toll collection easier, it also becomes an additional layer of security for the vehicles.

Reduces payment hassles

There are cases where sometimes the toll collection charges are double times for some users. It is usually a payment error in the application or the toll booth does double collection by mistake. The user will have to then contact them and get their amount reversed to the wallet. This is sometimes a painful process and it can take a few days. With the help of the new system, these payment hassles and issues can be handled better.

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