UPLAND - Property Trading Game

By BAJA | BAJA | 11 Mar 2020

Found a IOS mobile game, Upland, the other day based on real life San Francisco property maps.  You buy virtual property on a map of San Francisco using their digital token UPX.  There are ranges of cheap property to very expensive districts.  By signing up, you get free UPX - it is enough to buy a very small and cheap property.  You then earn a small portion of UPX by owning the property.  You are able to buy and sell the properties, but I haven't figured that out yet.  I just signed up yesterday.  UPX can be purchased with dollars in the game to facilitate more virtual property purchases but I haven't done that either.

I bought a property of 2532 Cabrillo St for 3000 UPX.  I am getting 47.52 UPX per month in reward - which is like 0.2 UPX every 2 hours.  I may splurge and buy 10000 UPX for $10 dollars to get a total of 3 properties which achieves a new level and a designation of UPLANDER.  That update will be in the future.    

The game looks very promising and is intriguing to play.  Haven't done a ton of research on the UPX token or the developers behind the game.  If anyone knows more info that would be great.  

Use my friend code to sign up - R.UPLAND.ME/ZB2Z


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