Seinfeld season 3 episode 3 - The Pen

By BAJA | BAJA | 15 Dec 2020

Stand up - Bathing suits from other century.  Dont wear Dad's trunks.  Just like a tree.  

Jerry parents apartment - Wheres the scotch tape.  Jerry and Elaine show up - Hello.  Whats wrong with our car.  Rent a car.  Why is it so hot in here?  The lake isnt real - of course its real.  I cant take your bed.  Dont worry about sleeping.  Not the sofa bed.  Jerry's mom starts asking about their relationship.  We are not a couple.  Why do you need more friends?  I like looking.  Knock on the door.  Jack and Doris show up.  Scuba diving.  Is it fun.  Jack is the MC.  Jerry will you do a comedy skit?  Jack is needing to pay for dinner.  19.45 - not 20.  What kind of pen is that?  It writes upside down - its an astronaut pen.  Take the pen.  Jerry takes the pen.  Thanks Jack.  Why did you take the pen?  Jack loves the pen.  Doris is starting to spread rumors.  

Elaine is trying to sleep on the sofa.  Sweating.  Its so hot.  There is a bar in Elaines back.  

Jerry is talking to his Dad - giving road directions.  Why are you going under water?  That is where you scuba.  Elaine comes out of the room - hunched over because her back hurts.  Elaine begs for the AC.  I've lost 6 pounds.  Evelyn shows up.  Wheres the new pen?  Blanche told her - writes upside down.  You dont like the pen?  Gusy calls - Jerry likes the pen.  Give him back the pen.  How do you work the AC

Elaine is laying on the floor.  Jerry's mom is wearing a jacket.  Jerry shows up with red eyes - his capillaries burst.  Jack shows up to borrow a red pocketbook.  Jerry tries to give the pen back.  Take it.  Jack takes the pen.  I didnt take the sponge cake - I love sponge cake.  How dare he take your pen?  Jerry doesnt understand.  Elaine takes the offer of the muscle relaxer. 

Jerry is wearing glasses.  Elaine is wasted.  Uncle Leo shows up.  Hello.  Aunt Stella.  STELLA.  You need new material - I've heard the dog routine 3 times.  Jeffery should write some material - he works at the parks department.  I hate her like poison.  Jack is the MC.  We honor Morty tonight.  Jack begins to roast him.  Morty starts to fight with Jack - you broke my tooth.  Jerry starts his act.  I like the pen. 

A chiropractor says she cant leave for 5 days.  Exciting.  Jerry tries to get out of it - no way.  Has Morty decided about a lawyer?  6 votes to kick the Seinfelds out of the community.  Morty stumbles out of the room after sleeping on the bar - oh my back.  

Stand up - Old retirees will enjoy the sun.   

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