June 7, 1990

My review of Seinfeld - season 1 episode 3

By BAJA | BAJA | 13 Feb 2020

Begins with stand up "Why is the middle finger bad?  Wouldn't giving someone the toe be worse?"  Not sure what that has to do with the theme of the episode which I think is conflict resolution.  Jerry's other stand up includes "Batman criminals" and "kids resolve disputes by calling it".  

Elaine and Jerry talk about packing a suitcase because Jerry is a master packer.  Elaine is going to stay in Jerry's apartment while he is gone for the weekend.  George shows up to take Jerry to the airport and Elaine starts to tell them how annoying her roommate is - she would like to move.  Jerry tells Elaine how terrible his apartment is - he may want to move.  George knows of an apartment that may Jerry may like and Elaine says she would move into Jerry's apartment because it is a step up from hers.

Kramer left the door to Jerry's apartment open and some stuff gets stolen - a TV, VCR and voicemail.  The age of electronics have left the VCR and voicemail behind.  You actually had to push a button to fast forward, hold and wait for the tape to go forward fast.  Amazing

Police show up - "Do you ever find anything?"  NO

Elaine, Jerry and George look at the new apartment and it is beautiful.  It has a yard, a fireplace and a walk in hall closet.  Jerry says he will take the apartment and George is jealous.  George wants the apartment and Jerry decides to flip a coin for the right to rent the apartment.  Tails wins, Jerry wins but the counter caused interference so they decide to play ODD/ EVEN.  Odds wins.  Jerry wins.  I find it funny that two grown men are using children games to decide who gets the nice apartment.  I wonder what else could be decided with a coin flip or ODD/EVEN - contract negotiations, dating, speeding tickets.  What do you think?

Finally Jerry and George are at the diner.  Jerry cant take it.  George cant take it.  The waitress ends up renting the apartment.  Jerry, George and Elaine are sitting on a couch - sulking because no one got what they wanted.  All they keep hearing is how wonderful the apartment is - beautiful massage therapist, a park, people loosing weight and loving life. 

It is odd watching the first three episodes because there is a definite change that most of the characters make in future episodes.  I am trying to be objective but most of the characters are rough and not fully developed.  This episode was probably the least funny of the first three.  It was a little scattered.  Kramer is starting to develop more of a quirky style.  George is getting more neurotic but still has a job.  Interesting so far.     

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