Air date May 31, 1990 - My review

My review of Seinfeld - Season 1 Episode 2

By BAJA | BAJA | 12 Feb 2020

Opens with Jerry's stand up "the difference between men and women writing a check".  This is a strangely outdated concept yet people still write checks in special situations.  I currently have to write a check for one bill.  Money payment and transaction has definitely changed - debit, credit are the norm while crypto is gaining. 

Elaine is introduced for the first time.  Jerry and Elaine are in a movie VHS rental store - which is also a strangely outdated concept.  However, the movie rental store is basically defunct.  I vividly remember the movie rental store and even worked at a Blockbuster music.  One of the most difficult decisions was walking in front of the movies, deciding what to rent by just the picture on the wall.  We gather that Jerry and Elaine used to date but currently are trying to be friends.  They decide to make a trade - You join me at a dinner party if you join me at a family wedding.  How many people make a similar arrangement?  While at the dinner, Jerry meets a woman and attempts to flirt in front of Elaine.  A little jealously ensues.  

Jerry has a stand up segment about platonic relationships. 

Jerry's parents are introduced because they are visiting and staying in his apartment.  They have a discussion about Elaine and the end of the relationship.  Morty, Jerry's Dad, makes the suggestion to go to the womans job, she is a lawyer, and wait for her to get out of an elevator. 

Jerry and George are waiting in a building looking for this woman to appear.  George wants to pretend he is an architect and they come up with a story that they are meeting Art Vandelay who is an importer/ exporter.  The womans name is Vanessa.

I found the theme of platonic relationships very universal because it is very difficult to have a friend of the opposite sex, especially those that you used to date.  It is a very rare occurrence.  The proverbial unicorn in the friendship world.  90% of my ex relationships never became friends and I would imagine if you were honest - the same hold true for 90% of people.  Work friends are relatively easy but as soon as you kiss - the relationship changes.  Intimacy truly destroys platonic relationships.  Agree or disagree? 

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