My review of Seinfeld season 1 episode 1

My review of Seinfeld - Season 1 Episode 1

By BAJA | BAJA | 11 Feb 2020

I have always enjoyed watching "Seinfeld" throughout the years but I have never watched every single episode.  There are favorite themes, concepts and notorious characters.  My goal is to critically review each episode, give a short synopsis and then give my opinion.  These are my opinions about a wonderfully funny show that has given me many laughs - maybe it will inspire you to watch a show about nothing. 

Season 1 Episode 1 - Starts with Jerry performing stand up and there are four instances of Jerry performing stand up.  "This is out?"  "A date is the ultimate job interview."  "Men dont use cotton balls."  "Men are not subtle but what they do know is that they want women!" 

Petes Diner is the setting.  The second button is in no mans land.  I like that line because I have a shirt currently where the second button is too tight on the neck when used but if left unbuttoned - there is too much space in between and I feel too much chest is showing.  Jerry and George are talking about a woman - Laura.  Is she interested or is Jerry a back up plan? 

The washing machine is the night club of clothes.  Funny.  Cant over dry, cant over wet, cant over die.  I have never over wet but I have been dehydrated and felt over dry.  

George is a real estate agent.  Kramer is introduced.  He has not left the apartment in 10 years.    

Laura comes over to Jerry's apartment - is she interested?  No, she is engaged. 

I have never watched the pilot episode.  Good introduction to the flow of the show.  George doesnt seem very neurotic yet.  Kramer is subdued.  There are alot of quote-able lines in this episode.  Weirdly, we were forced to wash some blankets in a laundry mat last week.  Very interesting place.       

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