Politics and the global warming parody.

By AtomixBob | Bad Grammars | 18 May 2021


 What you see here is not industry destroying earths atmosphere, no: this is Mt. Etna, Europe's highest active volcano pumping out volcanic sand and CO2, it does this several times every year. Our beautiful planet knows how to regulate itself.

Mt Etna  

 Here it is seen from another angle; the lava flows gradually towards the sea rarely causing serious damage. An uninhabited valley fills with the brittle rock it forms. The land where the sand falls become fertile and produces excellent wine.   

Burning Coal

 Aha, the face of evil, a coal driven power plant, apparently this is how Bit Coin gets produced, current reports say that to mine crypto coin we are using the same amount of power Switzerland uses. Switzerland in fact doesn't have to burn coal because they have mountains and use the natural flow of water to create Hydro electricity. 


 Coal, by the way comes from mines like this, heroic people sometimes get stuck in them, and the people of South Wales used to have shortened lifespans due to working in these dusty places. Crypto coin also gets mined, but doing it is considerably less unhealthy. 


 This is the Iron Lady, she shut down the coal mines in 1980's Britain. Perhaps because she had an alarmingly high IQ she also practically invented the modern day climate crisis: The perfect political solution to shutdown the opposition. Interestingly she changed her tune in 2003 and became a climate skeptic. Odd.


  In 2017 I was so convinced that we are in the midst of a climate crisis that I went out and brought one of these cars, excellent buy, what better way to save the planet: Burn Methane ! greenhouse gas No. 1.


 The truth is always changing and my opinion counts nothing, Elon's a billion more: Unfortunate for all yea who lost money on extrinsic cash just as the the bank manager warned. However it seems that our planet is perfectly healthy, we can all create our own reality and become millionaires too.

 It's hard, maybe impossible to find the truth, but easy to spot the lies. Google knows everything and research proves there is evidently no one truth, I do like fresh air and blue skies, but sometimes people seem to need to get their hands dirty to get ahead.

 Crypto currency will make the world a better place.

 Burning plastic stinks. Recycle.

 Politicians lies cost lives.

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