Introducing: Invitation. This could be a one stop solution for sharing referrals.

By AtomixBob | Bad Grammars | 24 May 2022

One thing that I have found frustrating during this first year on my adventure in the world of crypto currencies is: The often recurring referral requests, originating from the many different platforms that have seemed useful for the generation of a variety of tokens and rewards that have titillated my interests.

I have found places on Torum, Reddit, Telegram, Twitter and Discord to share these codes, invariably it is a messy business that reeks of a pyramid scheme.

Today on Torum someone shared one such code to a site called: Invitation. I tend to do my best to make an effort  to make use of any referral codes that come my way, it doesn't matter how much I get, I am happy as long I have helped out a fellow human in its nefarious endeavors.

I am always enthusiastic about the new stuff I discover on the WWW and my first impression of Invitation is good, they give you coins and have created a simple platform where you can create a page with all your ref's. Linktree and other places  may have done this before, this is new. Check it out:

Invitation App

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Bad Grammars
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