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Use the Force; read the source! This blog is mostly a collection of study notes on ASM, ASP .NET, Blender, BASIC, C/C++, C#, ChucK, Computer Architecture, Computer Literacy, CSS, Digital Logic, Electronics, F#, GIMP, GTK+, Haskel, Java, Julia, JavaScript (ES6+) & JSON, LISP, Nim, OOP, Photoshop, PLAD, Python, Qt, Ruby, Scheme, SQL (MySQL & SQLite), Super Collider, UML, Verilog, VHDL, WASM, XML. If I can learn it and make notes on it, I'll write about it. || Blog images copyright Markus Spiske and Pixabay

Scratch Changed My Perspective on Low-/No-Code Software Development Platforms (LCSDPs)

31 Dec 2023 8 minute read 2 comments Great White Snark

Recently, I started watching Harvard's "This is CS 50" (an introductory course to computer science). I prefer the 2018 version to the 2023 version, since the former is a little more detailed and includes some things that explain later concepts and to...

Even with one hand tied behind my back, I can still make a fist. (It's coded to run on *NIX.)

9 Nov 2023 7 minute read 3 comments Great White Snark

Hey folks of the P0x! I hope you haven't missed me too much while I've been gone. I've been a busy little beaver this last week, thanks to ongoing problems with Windows making my balls heavy and generally screwing me over. Same old, same old, right?...

Back to the Lab Again (and Leaving the Cryptosphere)

28 Oct 2023 2 minute read 0 comments Great White Snark

Now that I've managed to resolve the issue of being unable to post discussions (and thus earn USD) on MyLot, I'm going to be heading there, my time in the cryptosphere having come to an unfortunate end. I'm hoping that if you enjoy my particular bran...

Arduino IDE GTK+, PyQt or PySide/Otherside Fork/Rebuild (To fork or not to fork, that is the question.)

26 Oct 2023 5 minute read 0 comments Great White Snark

Hi Folks. At this stage, I am technically neither completely gone from Pub0x, nor back from a hiatus. My existence here is in some sort of intermediate/indeterminate state, like Schrödinger's cat. I'm waiting for my My Lot account to be restored so t...

Ethics in AI: Is this a thing? If not, how do we make it one? Incorporate it from the start, of course!

11 Oct 2023 17 minute read 0 comments Great White Snark

They terk err jerbs! "It might sound like an overstatement, but if your product is not going to incorporate AI in some shape or form, there’s a good chance that you will become obsolete. All of the tools that we love and already use have some AI fe...

Getting Things Done: A Little Resolve is What I Need Now. Show Me How!

9 Oct 2023 1 minute read 0 comments Great White Snark

All your face are belong to Zuck As most of you probably know if you've followed me for any length of time, I'm not a fan of Faceborg/Facecrook. I dislike LinkedIn for similar reasons, since it's basically FB for business. The less time I spend on e...

Nullum Opus Sine Stipendum

5 Oct 2023 1 minute read 0 comments Great White Snark

I've created a number of images and used them to design coats of arms, one of which I want to use as a banner image on my own Website. (The site has a sort of Norse Mythology feel to it, with the addition of halberd-wielding demons.) However, having...

Programming Horror Stories in Six Words

29 Sep 2023 1 minute read 0 comments Great White Snark

This comes to you from my time as a professional Web developer in the Research and Development (R&D) department of a particular corporation. One of the developers printed and put up a "Programming Horror Stories in Six Words" page on the team's notic...

Porting KeePassXC to GNU/Linux Might Be Easier than I Thought

29 Sep 2023 3 minute read 6 comments Great White Snark

Are you still using Windows operating systems and products? Well, you're an idiot, IMO. It's 2023 and time to move to something better (id est, a UNIX-based or compatible system, such as GNU/Linux or Mac OS X). Having played around a bit with KeePass...

Have You Considered Freelancing or Independent Contractor Work? Alternatives to Fiverr and Upwork

21 Sep 2023 6 minute read 2 comments Great White Snark

Let's get three things straight here: "Influencer" is not a job title, no matter how much you might earn from any videos you make while claiming to be one. It's not even a proper word, as far as my dictionary is concerned. For the most part, an "inf...