Udio: Changing The Way We Make Music

Udio: Changing The Way We Make Music

By OogaBooga | B-Cre8-T.V | 20 Apr 2024

With the rising influence of AI technology, the field of music production is undergoing a remarkable transformation. Among the latest innovations in the AI space to emerge is Udio, an innovative AI-powered platform that revolutionizes the way music is made and shared. Is this a gamechanger or an industry killer? Well, that depends on how you see it.

Udio stormed onto the AI stage with a buzz that swept up musicians, enthusiasts, and industry insiders alike. Crafted by former Google DeepMind engineers, this state-of-the-art tool isn't just another AI music generator—it's a game-changer. Continue reading to find out more and learn how to use the Udio platform.

What is Udio?

Udio (audio without the A) is a doorway to a whole new world of music creation. Just like AI image and video generating platforms, You command the AI by just typing in a few words, hit enter, and there you have it! You've got a brand new song on your hands, complete with vocals that sound eerily like a human. It's like having your own personal studio right in front of you but instead of days, weeks or months of production, you get the outcome in seconds. It's all thanks to a team of brainy folks who used to work at Google DeepMind.

Udio taps into the latest AI technology to understand what you want in terms of music). Whether you're a musician looking to try out something new or a total newbie exploring different AI tools, Udio is a platform that anyone can easily learn to use. And with cool features like tagging genres, extending or remixing tracks, and sharing your creations with fellow music buffs, it's more than just a website, it's a whole community of creativity (if you can call it that XD).

Using The Udio Platform


The Udio platform

Udio is as simple as other AI platforms in image and video creating, 1st up is head to their website then sign in or crate a new account. You have three options to sign in, via your Google, Discord or your X (Twitter) account.

Be sure to read the terms and conditions to know the do's and don'ts of using the platform. After creating an account, you’ll be directed to your dashboard with 600 free credits that will be refreshed everyday.


Signing in or creating your account


After creating your account, voila! Your good to go. All you need to do is type in what you want on the prompt tab (the box located at the top of your dashboard). As simple as that just like creating an image of video in other AI platforms.


Udio Dashboard

Now of course there are some options to additionally help you get the music that you want created.


Prompt box

As you type your prompt, you can add some tags or genre to get the music style that you want. As you type the genre, you'll notice the tags automatically updates to the music genre's you recently added.

You can also try experimenting with prompts by clicking the dice button on the right side, next to the create button.

For the lyrics, you have 3 options here, if you have your own lyrics set in mind, you can simply input them at the custom lyrics tab. It is recommended that you only put six lines of lyrics as Udio as of now only generates 33 seconds of music. You can also choose instrumental for no vocals or auto-generated if you want Udio's AI to make the lyrics for you.


Output of your created music

Once you've tweaked the options, simply just click create. Udio gives you two different styles of music based on your prompts each time you click create. Once your music is created, you have three options you can choose from, you can either remix, extend or publish your music to the community.


The remix option

On the remix tab, you can change some of the tags you entered. You can also change some words of the lyrics if you want to. You can add [Verse], [Bridge], and [Chorus] tags for additional control of you music. The variance slider option lets you choose how similar of different the remix will be from the original created one. However you can only remix your track if it's only 33 seconds to a minute long.


The Extend option

The extend tab adds more sections to your original music since each generated music is only 33 seconds long. You can choose to extend your track before of or after the original one or choose to add an intro or an outro. The maximum length you can extend your track is around the four minute mark.

Once your done creating, you choose to publish your track for the Udio community to hear.


Additional options

There are also other options you can do by clicking the three dotted line next to the remix, extend, publish button.


The view track window

The view track allows you to see the full lyrics of your track and other data about your track. You can also edit the title and change the song cover. A cool option Udio has in their platform is the have a semi built in image generator for you to create song covers.

And there you have it! You can now create you own music with a couple of prompts and clicks.

Is Udio Free To Use?

Yes, Udio gives you 600 generations per month. This may change after the beta phase though.

Can you monetize your generated music?

As per their terms of service yes.

In connection with your use of the Services, you may be able to post, upload, or submit content and other information owned and controlled by you (such as your Input Content) on or through the Services (“Your Content”). As between the Company and you, the Company does not claim any ownership in Your Content, including any Output generated by you in response to the submission of your Input Content to the Services, provided that the Company or its affiliates or their respective licensors own and will continue to own the Services and any and all other software or technology that was used to generate any Output. Subject to your compliance with these Terms, including, without limitation, Section 6.4, you may use your Output for both personal and commercial purposes, and we permit you to download a copy of your Output that consists of an audio file for such purposes.

With its seamless integration of generative AI tools, Udio allows you to transform your ideas into an awesome music, experiment with genre's, and refine your outputs with ease. The platform is quite new but more awesome features will be added as time goes by. So head on to the Udio website and start creating the music that you want.

Hope you enjoyed this blog and have an awesome day!

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