March 2019 Biweekly Report| Invested Project Status

March 2019 Biweekly Report| Invested Project Status

By CryptoFallen | Axonomy Fans | 26 Mar 2019


Tech Part


  1. Added Translation on Review and Comment
  2. Optimized KYC procedure
  3. Optimized H5 page launching by adding caching mechanism
  4. Added Change Login/Trading Password module
  5. Added Pull-to-Refresh


  1. Modified Launch Page
  2. Added Nationality function
  3. Added Password Setting module
  4. Added Translation on Review and Comment
  5. Added Profile Image Submitting on profile page


  1. User Nationality info added in User Profile. The old user will be identified based on the most package request. New users could set their nationalities during KYC procedure.
  2. Multi-Lingual identification. Now users can translate multi-language into English/Chinese.
  3. KYC status added on profile page.
  4. Users can change login/trading password through SMS verification.

Product Part

  1. Voting: 9th round voting campaign now launched. 8th round Wallet Ranking published.
  2. Display user’s nationality on profile page. Added nationality verification to KYC procedure


△Nationality Added

  1. User now can upload their own profile image
  2. Google Translate embedded
  3. IOS users can now share project or app on Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram.

Marketing Part


  1. More than 3000 participants contribute 7113 comments and posts with 117431 views on The Red Wallet Hunt event.


  1. Completed rewards distribution for the ‘Axonomy 8th Round Voting Campaign’ and ‘9th Round Voting Campaign Guide&Tutorial’. A total of 32 users won the award, and a total of 850 AXON was awarded.
  2. 9th Round Axonomy Project Voting initiated.
  3. 17.5 ETH rewarded to 5 users based on the quality of contents contributed.
  4. Axonomy, as part of HashKey Group, attended HashKey Group Global Digital Asset Industrial Seminar on March 21st, 2019, focusing on new regulations and digital asset management.


△9th Round Voting Campaign is on


  1. Successfully hosted Red Wallet Hunt event with 9000+ comments on projects and 10000+ new users.
  2. Released Axonomy Investment Report
  3. Announced exchanging tickets of HashKey Group Summit with Axon
  4. Announced the winners and rewards of the Best Review and the Best Comment events.
  5. Communicating with local Axonomy ambassadors and keep our community growing fast.

Investment and project recruitment

  1. Launched the 9th round of project voting in the Axonomy community.
  2. Researched decentralized exchanges.
  3. Further explored cooperation with traditional funds.
  4. Expanded the projects resource and continued discussion with projects in North America, Europe, and South America.
  5. Promote the research in blockchain games, explore the hybrid model of traditional and blockchain games; at the same time, partnered and deepened collaboration with gaming projects in the industry.
  6. Explore the next phase of the development path of the Axonomy project and improvided the project mechanism.

DBA portfolio project’s weekly report


On January 15th, Song Yang, the founder of music block, participated in the “6th Golden Tea Awards Ceremony” hosted by Liancha Pavilion. The music block won the Best Blockchain Game Award of the Year.

“Le Block won the annual blockchain game award”

【The Zodiac Theme Event】

During the Spring Festival, the music block launched the Zodiac (1), (2), and (3) series activities to find application scenarios for the gamers into assembly games.


△ “The Zodiac Theme Event”

【In-Game Activities】

On the music block, the new [Lucky Lottery] event, [Trick or Treat], and [Foka Scratch] activities. Actively participantsin TonArts’ various in-game activities earned a lot of TAT.


△ “Lucky Grand Turntable”, “Tricky Eggs”, “Foka Scratch”

【Media Interview】

Zeen, CEO of 1LOTS, shared key risks and safety considerations regarding the entry of traditional capital into digital assets in e-FOREX magazine’s special report “Delivering more cost-effective crypto trading infrastructures” (Chinese translation: creating the most cost-effective digital asset trading facility). And for the institutional readers, listed a lot of specific scenarios, including transaction security, data security, wallet security, system security and so on. He also pointed out that the future digital asset platform or system aims to establish a “person-to-person” trading place, where users truly have control over their assets and everyone can enjoy independent and equal financial services. ”



【 Product Continuation】

In the next generation of products, KUN, a C2C platform will be provided to support chained encryption lending and support all ERC20 cryptographic assets. By then, using the LOTS platform, users will be able to initiate encrypted loan requests from the global market as needed, without losing ownership of their favorite assets. These encrypted assets traded through the platform will be stored in smart contracts that are not hosted by third parties. Most importantly, KUN enables users to control their wallets, private keys and encrypted assets.


△ C2C platform in KUN

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