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By CryptoFallen | Axonomy Fans | 21 Feb 2019

In this era, choice is sometimes more important than hard work. It is crucial to be able to grasp the big opportunities. For more than a decade, real estate, the Internet, and the US stock market have created a lot of investment opportunities.



What next? Is cryptocurrency still promising? The bear market has caused most people to opt out of their positions, but those who persist in the market today may be the ones who profits from the bull market tomorrow.

Soros said that investment itself is not risky, but uncontrolled investment is risky. In the investment, the asymmetric information, coupled with the huge difference in profitability between professional institutions and retail investors, ultimately led to the secondary market turning into a zero-sum game. Blockchain, the technological concept born out of the geek community, eventually created a huge financial market. The new market has created a lot of opportunities to make money. However, because the market is still at an early stage, the industry is not regulated, and often flooded with fraud and scams. In 2018, the bursting of the bubble lead to market collapse. The business models generated by all market greed are proven false one after another. In the process, a large number of investors who do not have market experience suffered heavy losses. It is not uncommon for retail investors to lose 99% of their assets.

· How Axonomy wants to help retail investors avoid huge risks in the industry?

The original intention of Axonomy was to break the injustice caused by asymmetric information. The entire community seeks investment opportunities together, filters out effective information, and empowers people to make profit, making the entire community an evolving and autonomous body. At Axonomy, the identity of users and investors is merged as one. The user community is integrated into every step of the growth path of the Axonomy platform, from the earliest Axonomy 1.0 that incorporates the project’s incubation, investment, and accelerated value growth path, to the current 2.0 stage that enables the product testing and guidance. In the near future, Axonomy will also build tools for information filtering, screening, etc. The series is a set of tools for investors.

What Axonomy has been exploring and experimenting with is empowering individuals in the investment environment to ensure that the community can gain a share of the early dividends of the industry.

· How will users improve their investment skill in Axonomy?

The most expensive things in the financial market is information and cognition. Information refers to the processed information that leads up to the final investment decision; trained cognition helps investors make long-term profits. “If you can predict what is going to happen in the market three seconds in advance, you will become the richest person on Wall Street.” Through the joint construction of community and technology, Axonomy aims to eliminate market information asymmetry, complete the education of investors and induce content generation, so that in-depth research and various experiences can be born and shared, to benefit more investors.

· Who is the Axonomy Ambassador?

Axonomy hopes that crowd wisdom can change the path of investment. The decision made through crowd wisdom needs to be based on effective cognition. The “herd effect” is a common phenomenon in the field of investment, which is grounded on social psychology. For Axonomy, the “leader” is also partakes on the screening mechanism. This is why ambassador is crucial. The community is the most valuable resource, and the interests of the community is of uttermost importance to Axonomy. Therefore, the ambassadors need to and stay calm and critical — they are long-term optimists of the blockchain, value Diggers not shaken by fluctuations in nominal prices; they are willing to learn in depth, participate , and actively provide project evaluation from the user’s perspective; they are willing to share, and help others; they are the earliest early adopters, participants, and co-builders of all mechanisms, products, and designs in the process of realizing distributed business; they will work with Axonomy’s centralized team to create a more rational business economy. At Axonomy, the ambassadors will gain tremendous personal growth, while empowering the community.

· Why become an Ambassador?

In the blockchain field, influence is a low-risk reputational asset. There are many unscrupulous people who use influence to capitalize on fraudulent projects and ICOS. However, when influence is based on guiding the community to find value and opportunities, this intangible asset will accumulate over time with each contribution. In the present and the future, influence itself has become a valuable asset worthy of long-term investment. Axonomy is committed to growing the influence of each ambassador, which adds value to the entire value network.

How to offer more valuable insights?

How to generate useful content, and influence more people?

How can collaboration make information more efficient?

How can personal influence grow with half the effort through proper amilification?


Axonomy wants to evolve with the ambassadors to find out the answers to these questions.

In this bear market, the Axonomy team is actively seeking progress. As Jack Ma once said, “today is cruel, and tomorrow will be more cruel…but stick to it, the day after tomorrow will be beautiful”. For Axonomy, the ambassador is the key to living out the “dark night”. We also sincerely welcome your participation in the distributed business. And as of now, there has been more than 300 like-minded Ambassadors. Are you the next one? Scan the code and contact us.


If you are interested in being part of this revolution, please contact us on telegram (


send an email to us [email protected]

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