Axonomy 2.0 — Sharing Bonus In Blockchain Application Industry

By CryptoFallen | Axonomy Fans | 28 Apr 2019

We’re always committed to bringing more promising blockchain projects and maximizing the choice and freedom for token holders and users of blockchain networks.


At the beginning of this year, in the article “Founder on Axonomy 2.0: exploring distributed business model”, we mentioned “As a distributed value network, Axonomy 2.0 will expand the collaboration between the community and promising blockchain projects, integrate innovative blockchain services and products, introduce third party funds, and provide infrastructure for the mass adoption of blockchain applications. Our goal is to make Axonomy a new type of crowdfunding and crowdsourcing ecosystem, tailored to the blockchain industry and its early adopters. The new version will establish a collaborative synergy for users/investors, project teams and investment institutions to explore the early opportunities and bonuses of industry development.

With the launch of the new Axonomy app, the community voted and evaluated mainstream wallet apps on the market and received many positive responses from community. This is actually just a small attempt by us in a bigger picture. The real good show is coming.

In 2019, the infrastructure of blockchain continue to develop, and a large number of new blockchain applications such as Staking, DeFi, Dapp, and stable coins began to transition from white papers to gradual implementation, indicating that business innovation supported by blockchain technology is about to enter an explosive period. New business values ​​will continue to be created and explored. For example, with the MakerDao blockchain loans, automated lending based on chain without intermediary is actualized, and the risk of repayment default is completely eliminated compared to the existing Internet lending, in just a few months. It quickly accumulated hundreds of millions of dollars in assets and created a decentralized stable coin DAI of nearly $100 million, making the power of the decentralized finance(DeFi) stand out.

At the same time, however, blockchain applications also have typical problems in the early stages of the industry such as user perception and participation and high thresholds. The installation of a centralized wallet alone has blocked 99.9% of Internet users from the blockchain revolution, and most blockchain applications are based on some kind of unsteady digital currency. Large fluctuations have further hampered the popularity and use of blockchain applications.

For blockchain early adopters and individual investors, it was a nightmare looking into enormous amount of white paper and dApps while experiencing the crypto price dump. But now, we’re on the edge of the next generation of blockchain and the staking economics is the next blockchain ‘killer app‘.

The Axonomy 2.0 is coming soon and we’re always committed to bringing more promising blockchain projects and maximizing the choice and freedom for token holders and users of blockchain networks. Optimizing user-experience and lowering the technical threshold for accessing crypto are always our highest priority. We seek to make the high interest blockchain product more accessible and help getting Axonomy users off risk while gaining higher profit.

Stay tuned and wait for more details about Axonomy 2.0

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