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Titled, "How I got into Axie Infinity Part 2". includes an image og pepe praying for axie.

How I got into Blockchain Games and Axie Infinity|| Part 2 || Applying for Scholarship

By grenfunkel | Axie and Me | 12 Jul 2021

How I got into Blockchain Games and Axie Infinity || Part 2: Applying for Scholarship ||

Making new internet friends while chatting in discord. Hidden behind the curtains of the username and a profile picture.


When I entered another discord server to apply for a scholarship, I was shocked. No, I was pleasantly surprised. When I joined the Doozie Scholarship Guild, I was expecting something like the previous guild(which I do not wish to mention). The previous guild's server I applied for seems dead. Everyone was just greeting the air. But now, people are actually communicating. One of the scholars even told us to be active in the general chat. So I thought to myself, "Fuck it, I'll just thicken my face and join their conversation.". 

One week. It took me one week of chatting from 8am till 10pm. I had fun. Ever since the pandemic, I have been stuck in my own room all day. I even thought that making new friends was worth it. But of course, earning while playing games is the main reason why I applied for the scholarship.


Applying for a scholarship to play Axie Infinity is never easy. It requires dedication, patience and luck. Luckily, I was able to join a guild that requires no need for luck while I was applying(pun included). The requirements were to follow the rules, be active and apply properly. 

That sounds quite obvious isn’t it? Even a child could understand that, right?

Sadly many applicants have misunderstood the difference between being active and being online. They do chat from time to time however the only words they say are greetings as well as “hoping and waiting”. Some applicants even post their application forms in the wrong channels. 

So let me add some tips on how I got the scholarship for Axie Infinity:

  1. Be proactive. Make new friends while chatting. I almost forgot that I was even applying for a scholarship until my name was announced by the manager. An applicant will never get a scholarship just by “hoping” and “praying”. This will help portray that the applicant is not a robot or someone who only aims to use multiple accounts by applying for multiple scholarships. 
  2. Follow the rules of the server or organization. Being able to follow simple rules means that the applicant actually read the rules and understood them. This also means that the applicant is capable of following further instructions incase he/she is accepted as a scholar.
  3. Use proper chat etiquette. Obviously. No DM. No begging. No sob stories. 
  4. Apply properly. Some applicants send direct messages to other people begging for scholarships. Such actions are quite rude and would lower the chance of being accepted as a scholar. Begging for a scholarship with sob stories is also a big minus point. 
  5. Learn more about the game. Just like applying for a job, you should know what you are joining. Some managers would even test or give question related to the game. If you answer it correctly, some may give scholarship. 
  6. Don't Multi-account. Some applicants apply left and right not because they need it but because they think they can get away with it. No, they get banned. Don't risk other people's assets/property, its not yours. Less people who do this will mean more chances for others to get accepted.
  7. Don't believe in raffles that do not exist. You might get a direct message one day telling you that you won a team of Axie. If it is not from the main server of Axie Infinity, you did not win shit. If they ask for your seed phrase of your wallet, it's a scam. Always keep the seed phrase or secret recovery phrase to yourself. Check the main discord of Axie Infinity or their social media accounts.
  8. If they ask for your nude pics, ignore it. Many female applicants were baited by scums managers that ask for nude pics. In the end they did not get a scholarship. Thank goodness the offender was banned.
  9. Don't exaggerate. Some applicants will say "I can grind 24/7" or "200-300 slp per day". Stop copying what others are saying in their application form. It makes you look stupid. Be sincere with your application. 



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